Sunday, September 25th

Eastman Raiders vs Sunrise Coyotes. It was a rainy day but the Eastman Raiders spirits were not dampened.

The Raiders started strong with a short kick off return and an incredible run up the middle for a touch down. On the Sunrise Coyotes first possession of the game we saw some excellent tackling by the Raiders defence, they were on fire. Unfortunately it was not enough to hold the Coyotes, they were able to slip one into the end zone. On the Raiders second possession the O line was really doing their job, and they put another run up the middle, resulting in another touchdown. Then there was a game delay due to a fan on the wrong side of the field. The Raiders stayed warm and came back strong on defence with some more amazing tackles, coach was pretty pumped to see his players playing with some aggression. The Coyotes got away with one play that resulted in a long run for another touchdown, and then they recovered their own kick off, but the Raiders proved to be a force to great for them. No touchdown on this final possession of the half. The Raiders definitely out played the Coyotes in the first half.

In the second half we got more of the same from the Raiders. They recovered a Coyotes fumble, and turned it into a nice set of plays. With some great blocking and a speedy running back they completed for another touchdown. The Coyotes put together a few plays and managed to get a running back loose for a long run that resulted in a touchdown. On the next kick off the Raiders returned for a touchdown thanks the some more great blocking, a nice stiff arm, and quick legs. The Coyotes answered with a touchdown of their own. The Raiders scored again by assembling three successful plays, their running game was working well. The Raiders headed into the final 3 plays of the game ahead by a touchdown (technically they don’t keep score in Cruncher but everyone knows). Raiders defence didn’t give up, worked hard, and put out more great tackling. The game ended with a four on one Raiders chase down and a group tackle, stopping the Coyotes before the end zone.