Sunday, August 13th

It all started with us recieving the kick off. Bradey made the catch at the 30 yard and ran for 20 yards. The first play Tristan ran on the outside to make it a first down, he then ran the next play in for an Eastman touch down and Jonico was close when we tried for the convert points.

Devon with the kick off and the tackle ypu could feel the joy in it. Domanick with the first tackle then Jarome and a double team by Austin and Domanick 2 yards short of the opponents making a first down. Now for the offense to do some work. 14 recieved toss and ran it for a first down. Next play their was an illegal block on 1 and we lost 10 yards. Bradey with the catch and a loss of 5 yards with the next play Job made up 10 yards but since it was 3rd down it was not enough for us to get a 1st down. With all the effort the guests got on the scoreboard with 7 minutes into second quarter and the convert with a kick. On the kick Logan recieved and ran it 26 yards. However, on the play we fumbled in the hand off and lost the ball at the 32 yard line. Our defense worked hard to make up from our turnover. On the 1st down play our defense forced the QB to toss the ball or lose 15 yards. On the 2nd down the opponent gained 3 yards but on the 3rd down Grayson with a sack at the 48 yard and now turnover. Logan made a run to make it a first down at 37 yard line, he then ran it to the 20 yard line but on our 3rd down we were just a yard shy of goal at the half.

2nd half
We start with the kick of and Job with the take down. Then Domanick with the take down – he just flew and took him out
The opponent made it to a 1st down but Gavin had a nice tackle. Then Noah with a tackle that striped the ball. With our offense back on the field Logan ran the ball for a first down, then Tristan made it for another Raiders 1st down. Job ran it 12 yards and then 18 yards. Then we came up 1 yard short of another 1st down. Our defense did awesome. Domanick and Jarome with a collective take down and no yard gain. Then Austin with a take down pushing them back 7 yards with the turnover at the opponents 20 yard line. Logan ran it and we have a 1st down. Number 4 tried and even with the fancy footwork we came up short for a 1st down. So our defense was at it again Domanick with a crazy take down and the rest of our defense kept the play right at the end zone. Job scored but our convert didn’t work out so well. We kicked and Job took them down at the 18 yard line. On the 2nd down with only 1 yard to defend their was a fumble in the play and a loose ball which pushed the opponents back 8 yards. Domanick, Jarome and Noah collective take down but 11 on coyotes was offside so their was a 10 yard penalty. Gavin and Domanick took him down on 3rd down, but with that take down the opponent wih down hard on the field, he did manage to walk off (8).
Raiders offense back on the field Logan got the pass off and touch down on the first play. Devon with the kick off for 30 yards. Our defense held them, but with a yard on 3rd down their big guy got thru for a first down…but our defense worked hard and in 3 downs push them back to the 38 but with an offside they redid 3rd down at 43 yard line and Gavin took them down, Raiders ball at the 50 yard line. 4 minutes to Job drove to a first down with a
33 yard run then 38 yards for another touch down and Tristan for the convert.Defense held them around the 20 and then offense came in not much movement. Then defense again and they held them and finally our offense came on and with the score took a knee in the last seconds for a win.