Pee Wee vs. Eastside Eagles – October 25

It was a windier day than some of us expected, but we were well dressed, well prepared and ready to go. That’s the parents — the boys were COMPLETELY prepared and weren’t worried about the wind at all — they were ready to play!! And here’s how it went.

Their #5 kicked the ball to start the game and we were off. A long throw and super catch by Peyton resulted in a big gain. When the defence got on to the field for the first time — you could tell they were ready. We started the game with an awesome stop, caused a fumble and the ball was already back to us! Unfortunately we returned the favor and they got the ball back close to our end zone. After many tries, they finally found the end zone and scored. (Raiders 0 Eagles 6) A blocked kick by Paxton and we shut down the extra points! An awesome run back by TB granted super field position to our offence. A sweet toss and run from Sawyer to Teg and it was TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (Raiders 6 Eagles 6) A routine snap, hold and kick — and 2 more were ours. (Raiders 8 Eagles 6) A big stop by our defence and after a punt by them a huge run by TB and the offence was back on the field. A push by us secured the 1st down and then, a big throw up the left side, Sawyer to Peyton, and it was another touchdown for the Raiders! (Raiders 14 Eagles 6) A sweet spiralling snap, quick hands on the hold and a solid kick through the uprights and we added 2 points. (Raiders 16 Eagles 6). Defence went back to work and was huge. A big stop near our end zone and offence was back to work. The Eagles got the ball back but a fumble and recovery by us gave us another chance!! We couldn’t quite capitalize on that one and when they got the ball back their quarterback found his way around and finally into the end zone. (Raiders 16 Eagles 12) Their attempt for a single point convert was unsuccessful as we stopped them in their tracks.

The second half began and the defense held strong. Great coverage and an incomplete pass by the Eagles and ball was back to the Raiders. Offence took their turn and then, defence was called upon again. #5 got away this time and found the end zone to help the Eagles pull ahead. (Raiders 16 Eagles 18)Their convert was NOT good and offence got back to work. When defence’s turn came up again they were a wall and the Eagles got nowhere. Offence took their turn on the field and then, when defence came back they stood strong but eventually big #4 found the end zone. (Raiders 16 Eagles 24) #5 took a quick run in for the 1 point convert. (Raiders 16 Eagles 25) The defence held them for a few more series but in the end they punched one more in. (Raiders 16 Eagles 31) And the 1 point convert was good. (Raiders 16 Eagles 32)

So… that’s it… for the season that is. That’s it for the games we will play in 2014. But that’s NOT it for the memories that have been made, the great friends that have been made, and the lessons learned along the way. That’s NOT it for the benefits that dry-land training had on our boys, the commitment that’s been instilled in each one of them and the “family” that we have all become. I know that losing is not fun… and I know that our goal was to win… but we gave it our all. If we hadn’t given it our all — we wouldn’t really be all that disappointed. But BECAUSE we gave it our all — we are also not devastated. We do not have to wonder “What if…”. We are proud of our boys — on both sides of the ball. On this day, a win was not meant to be — but a season like we had, WAS meant to be, and we did it together!! It’s part of our journey in life and it has made us all better than we were before.

Thank you to our faithful and committed coaches for taking our boys to another level. Thank you for your commitment not only on the field but off the field as well. Thank you for all of the preparation and knowledge you shared with our boys to help them be the best that they can be. Our boys look up to

each one of you and you have led them so well.

Boys… from us, parents to you. Thank you for entertaining us. Thank you for amazing us with your courage, your abilities, your improvement, your commitment and your perseverance. You all stayed out in the rain at practice when we could run to our cars. You played in the cold while we were wrapped in winter parkas and blankets. And you respectfully played your game with good attitudes and a team spirit. In life, we win together and we lose together — and this season we learned a little more about that. Hold your heads high and I sure hope this just might motivate you to come back and see what you can do — next season!!

And so… till 2015… GO RAIDERS GO!!!

Crunchers Teal vs. Broncos – October 26

Raiders start with the kick 44
Broncos touchdown
Raiders sack on the convert attempt, 11
25 returns kick off
61 touchdown
Convert attempt complete
61 kickoff 90 tackles bronco 8
11 off hurt
60 tackles broncos 2 down
Broncos touchdowns
Convert attempt incomplete
Kickoff broncos return by 20
50 runs in the ball 2 down
61 runs the ball 1 down
50 runs the ball 2 down
Pass to 61 3 down
50 runs the ball 1 down
61 runs out of bounds 1 down
61 reverse 50 touchdown
Convert attempt 50 complete
11 kickoff 30 yards
Broncos stopped at the 5
Stopped at the 5 2 down
Stopped at the 5 3 down
Stopped at the 5 4 down

Broncos kickoff
Recovered by broncos
Tackled by 48 2 down
Tace 11 & 60 1 down 5 yard line
Stopped at 5 yard 2 Down
Pushed back to 7 yard 3 down
91 tackle at 5 yard 4 down
91 tackle at 3 yard raiders ball
50 runs 21 yards 1 down
61 runs 1 yard 2 down
61 runs 5 yards 3 down
50 runs 4 down
50 gets 1 down
61 runs fumble raiders recovered 2 down
11 runs 3 down
50 runs to 5 yard line 1 down
11 runs stopped at 5 yard 2 down
Fumble raiders recovery 3 down
50 runs gains 1 4 down
50 runs stopped broncos ball
Stopped at 10 2 down
45 tackles at 10 3 down
44 tackles with 3 of hers stopped at 10 4 down
Stopped at 10 raidErs ball
25 runs in touchdown
Convert attempt by pass incomplete
Raiders kickoff by 48
Tackle by 48
End game

Crunchers Teal vs. St. Vital Mustangs – October 19

Turns out to be a beautiful Sunday morning, our boys may be a bit tired since they were treated by Coach Greg to go and see the Bombers game!!

Raiders kick the ball to the Mustangs and stop them at the 25 yard line, raiders then stop the Mustangs at the 30 yard. #61 doesn’t let the Mustangs get to far he tackles them at the 40 yard line!! Mustangs FUMBLE the ball…but recover it! Nice try Raiders! 3rd down #90 & #60 have great team work with tackling the mustangs…no yards gained. 4th down # 11 shows them who’s boss by getting a QB sack!! Way to go!!

Raiders ball…#25 runs the ball up 10 yards and fumbles but #50 recovers it!!
#9 try to get through the tough Mustangs and gains a couple yards! 2nd down #25 makes a 7 yard run through the middle! 3rd down the boys have some tricks up their selves with a reverse and a 5 yard gain by # 25!! 4th down #25 runs 5 yards and makes first down! Incomplete pass to #9…they try again on the 2nd down #9 makes a couple more yards! 3rd down #25 makes a 10 yard run….way to go boys! They attempt passing but turns out incomplete, no yards gained and Mustangs ball.

#90 & #11 make an awesome tackle…mustangs lose the ball! Raiders #25 gets the ball and runs it into the end zine for a TOUCHDOWN!! Conversion incomplete!

#60 makes an amazing kick of 20 yards! #11 stops them, next play #60 makes the tackle and Mustangs gain 10 yards….#60 is on fire he makes yet another great tackle…way to go little buddy! 2nd down #11 gets another QB SACK!! 3rd down the Mustangs FUMBLE #90 retrieves the ball…Raiders ball at the 15yrd line!!
#25 makes it to the 15 yard run!! 1st down #9 makes the first down at the 42 yard line. #25 fumbles but jumps back on it…Raiders still have the ball….PHEW!! The boys pass it to #25 for a run up to the 15 yard line. 3rd down at the 20 yard line #9 makes first down. 2nd down a #20 makes the snap and the QB passes to #25 gains 5 yards! Pass off to #9…but we have a fumble and Mustangs get the ball!


MUSTANGS kick the ball….it goes roughly a foot ahead of them 🙂 Refs give them another try…they kick it 10 yards and our boys jump on it! #42 passes to #25 he makes a 10 yard gain. 2nd down #42 hands off to #9 runs it 5 yards. 3rd down #42 hands off to #25 he’s runs it 30 yards….TOUCHDOWN Raiders!!! No extra points 🙂

Mustangs ball…#11 gets another QB sack! 2nd down Mustangs fumble and #90 recovers it!! Great job!!! RAIDERS BALL!! #25 gets the ball…TOUCHDOWN!! These boys aren’t showing any signs of being tired!!

#50 kicks it 20 yards…Mustangs ball, #11 makes yet another amazing QB sack!! #60 makes a great tackle with the help of #50…Mustangs fumble and #90 jumps on it! WAY TO GO!!
Raiders ball…#42 passes to #25 and he runs it for a couple yards. 2nd down hand off to #9 for 1st down! Next play a handoff to #25…TOUCHDOWN!! Our QB throws to #20 for the extra points, he catches it!!

Mustangs ball but #11 makes it hard for them with a QB sack, but this didn’t stop the Mustangs they get a touchdown and get the extra point.

Raiders ball #42 passes to #25 for a 8 yard gain. 2nd down #42 passes to #9 Mustangs #1 snatches it right out of our little guys hand 🙁 Mustangs touchdown!

Our boys had a great game, we are all soo proud of you!!


Pee Wee vs. Greendell Falcons – October 18

Once again, it was warmer than we thought it would be. The wind hadn’t picked up at all and therefore, it was calmer than most of us parents. Actually, the entire atmosphere was positive and we were all looking forward to a good game — and that’s what we saw!!

Our offence started off quickly after a short pass ended with a 60 yard run and touchdown for the Raiders!! (Raiders 6 Falcons 0) But just as quickly, they handed off to their #8 and they found our end zone too. (Raiders 6 Falcons 6) Now, it seemed both sides were ready to settle in and just play. A 20 yard throw and HUGE YAC yards – touchdown Raiders!! (Raiders 12 Falcons 6) A sweet kick went well through the uprights (Raiders 14 Falcons 6) A spinning kick off and speed by us caused a fumble and we recovered — ball to the Raiders. Although, a quick fumble by us and the defence went to work. They got the ball back for us on downs and after some hard work up the middle by our offence, we broke outside and a huge run resulted in another touchdown. (Raiders 20 Falcons 6) The kick was good for two. (Raiders 22 Falcons 6) A spiral to the left and a reach into the end zone — another score for us!! (Raiders 28 Falcons 6) The snap was on the money, a quick hold and the kick was GOOD! (Raiders 30 Falcons 6) The offence showed some great scrambling ability and the defence stood strong to finish the 1st half.

We started the 2nd half with a kick — they bobbled and we recovered — offence was quickly on the field again. A short yard pouch and run and the touchdown was ours (Raiders 36 Falcons 6) A nice long kick by us but a reverse hand-off to their #8 and away he went – touchdown Falcons (Raiders 36 Falcons 12) A slow high kick eventually got through the uprights – another 2 for them. (Raiders 26 Falcons 14) Offence got to work and on a high toss, we won the battle and ran it into the end zone. (Raiders 42 Falcons 14) Under pressure – the kick was STILL good! (Raiders 44 Falcons 14) The Falcons poured it on a little in the 3rd quarter as #8 jukes and jived his way into the end zone (Raiders 44 Falcons 20) Their convert was good. (Raiders 44 Falcons 22) Some missed tackles in our backfield and away went #8 again. (Raiders 44 Falcons 28) A high kick again – 2 for them. (Raiders 44 Falcons 30) When our defence went out again… they were determined that their scoring was going to stop and it did… a SERIOUS stop by our defence at a crucial time and the offence came back roaring with… yep… a touchdown! (Raiders 50 Falcons 30) A well oiled convert machine was in motion – and it was 2 more points for us. (Raiders 52 Falcons 30) A perfect onside kick, recovery by us, ball back to the Raiders!! Great work by the offensive linemen all game — and now, at the end, they opened up a hole to walk through — a big time 1st down!! Then, some twists and turns and into the end zone we went. (Raiders 58 Falcons 30) A fitting end to a well fought game? The convert… was… GOOD!! (Raiders 60 Falcons 30)

Well done boys! We were challenged and we felt the pressure and that is the BEST thing that could have happened. They have prepared us for what is to come. We will not always win by such a margin… we can’t expect it anymore… but if we trust our training and simply play this like any other game — as hard as we can — we will be just fine!! There is no magic to winning — just giving absolutely everything you have on every single play — that’s all. The good news is… that’s all you need… oh, and wanting it with everything in you. Respect your opponents — never fear them. Do the work on your side of the field and the score will take care of itself. ONE PLAY AT A TIME! We believe in you. Our confidence in your effort is unwavering – we have seen it all season. We are proud of you and are looking forward to cheering our hearts out on Saturday!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!
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Pee Wee vs. North Winnipeg Nomads – October 11

It was a sunny day… a new day… the first day for playoff football – 2014! We finished first after the regular season… they finished 8th… but today, we started the game at 0-0… in every way. It’s the playoffs… a new season… and every play counts. Good thing for us… our boys made it count today and here’s how it went.

We landed on the first kick off and offence took to the field. We kept the ball on the ground and marched down the field using all of our tools. It was a hard run up the middle that found us in the end zone for the first time on this day. (Raiders 6 Nomads 0) A quick snap, hold and kick that just cleared the cross bar. (Raiders 8 Nomads 0) Next came fast feet, turning the corner and in we go – touchdown! (Raiders 14 Nomads 0) The kick was good again. (Raiders 16 Nomads 0) A 30 yard throw was caught and resulted in a massive gain. They got their hands on our next pass but the defense held them where they started from and the ball was back to us. One quick play and it was another touchdown. (Raiders 22 Nomads 0) The kick was good. (Raiders 24 Nomads 0) A speedy blitz by TK and down came the runner, out came the ball, a fumble recovery by Dokken and GO offence!! A quick pass, catch and run and SCORE RAIDERS! (Raiders 30 Nomads 0) Four runs in a row and a push to the end zone – touchdown CALEB!!

The 2nd half began and it was a steady march up the field. The QB kept the ball and yep, we were end zone bound!! Strong defense caused a fumble and recovery for us – and our offence was in great field position again. Dylan carried the ball like a pro – right into the end zone!! Touchdown Raiders! And to top it all off – the convert kick was good.

Round 1 of the playoffs – DONE – the Pee Wee Raiders are off to Round 2. The teams will get tougher but so will we. We are ready for Round 2 – whoever it brings. We will take care of our side of the field and work harder than ever this week to make sure we are prepared to not only play well but also have fun doing it! We will give it our all – and that’s what matters!! Well done boys!! We are so proud of you!!

Pee Wee vs. Valour Patriots – October 4

It was early, it was cold, and the expectation was that this would be our toughest game of the season… and from how it started… it looked like it was going to come true.

The whistle blew, we kicked it and their #99 had one thing in mind – getting into our end zone. He was off to the races and we didn’t stop him – so, he reached his target… touchdown Patriots (Raiders 0 Patriots 6) The convert was blocked and the score stayed. They kicked off next and a huge return by TB got our offence into great field position. A high “wobbler in the wind” landed in our receiver’s hands – TOUCHDOWN. (Raiders 6 Patriots 6) An offside by us took us 5 yards back but it was no problem as the convert flew through the uprights with ease. (Raiders 8 Patriots 6) A smart short kick followed, and a big tackle caused a fumble – recovery Raiders!! Some great defense on our side caused them to punt and a great catch and run into the end zone by TK got the crowd cheering… BUT… it was called back and the offence went to work. A throw and catch after a bit of a bobble resulted in 6 more points for us. (Raiders 14 Patriots 6) Great snap, hold and kick under pressure! (Raiders 16 Patriots 6) Another fumble and recovery by us got the ball right back to us. After a few tries up the field, some short runs up the middle and a throw – we sprinted to the end zone – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (Raiders 22 Patriots 6) The snap was on the money, hold in place and kick through followed by a fist pump – securing 2 more points. (Raiders 24 Patriots 6) Huge pressure on the quarterback directly resulted in a TK interception and the ball was back to us.

The second half continued with unbelievably tough defense. An interception by Alex got the offence going again. A 30 yard toss, catch and run was next and a-marching we went! The defense held them “1st down-less” for 3 complete quarters! A diving tackle and down they came. Some tough blocking by the O-line for a gain up the middle – FIRST DOWN! And then, defense held them exactly as they were supposed to and it was GAME OVER. Well done Raiders!!

So… we finish the regular season an undefeated team. 8 and 0 is a pretty sweet record and you should hold your heads high. But hold them high for only a few days and then, dig deep, work hard, play one play at a time, and never, ever, ever, let up. NEVER think it’s going to be easy. We have a brand new season to start now – it’s called the playoffs. We’re all at 0-0 now and the sky’s the limit!! Go get ‘em Raiders!! You have the tools to do it – now just BELIEVE IT!! ONE STEP AT A TIME and the Nomads are the first item on our to-do list. HERE WE COME! GO RAIDERS!!

Momentum Fundraising Winners

Congratulations to our Momentum Fundraising winners including:

1st Place – Aiden Brindle

2nd Place – Danic Smith

3rd Place – Joshua Ortynski

Atom Teal has raised the most as a team and has won a limo ride and pizza party. Thanks to all for another successful fundraiser.

Atom Black vs. Interlake Thunder – October 4

A chilly 5 degrees Celsius at game time as the Raiders took on the Thunder for the last regular season game.
The game began with the Raiders receiving the opening kickoff and ended up starting at their own 50. The Interlake defense only gave up a few yards as Cazden and Gavin had short gains. The Raiders punted and Interlake began at their own 35.

Strong tackling by Stephen, Brayden, and Evan led to Interlake punting the ball back to Eastman. Brody returned that punt all the way back to the Thunder 5 yard line! Anthony managed to rush to the 1 yard line before being stopped. Unfortunately the next play was a Raiders fumble. That combined with the Raiders first penalty put the ball in the Thunder ‘ s possession on their own 15. 2 Strong defences and an interception by Evan highlighted the rest of the first quarter. At the end of 1st quarter a zero zero tie.

The 2nd quarter started with the Raiders with the ball on Interlake ‘ s 45. The Thunder defense kept Eastman from getting any significant gains. The Raiders turned the ball over on downs but a fumble recovery by Jerome gave Eastman the ball right back. The big play on offense in the 2nd quarter was a long run by Mikka. Any yards gained by either offense were hard fought. Danic, Bauer, Cazden, Anthony and Gavin had limited gains but at halftime it was still a scoreless game.

Record breaking hot chocolate sales were reported from the canteen at halftime.
The Raiders kicked the ball off to start the third quarter. The Raiders defense started things off with a renewed determination. Brayden, Damon and Stephen made some nice tackles and of course Evan and Jerome can always be counted on to stop the opposition in their tracks. Interlake ‘ s defense continued their strong play and at the end of 3 quarters still no scoring.

In the final quarter the Raiders finally had put together a drive with some tough runs from Cazden and Danic but ended up punting again. A long punt return by Interlake almost resulted in the first score. The Raiders defense shut the door the rest of the way and make the final Raiders 0 Thunder 0.

Bantam vs. Portage Pitbulls – September 28


In a sloppy, breezy, rainy and cool Portage morning, keeping a grip on the football proved quite difficult. The ground game became paramount for both teams and in the end, the home team came out the victors.

Portage #15 scored a 32-yard TD with 1:49 left in the first quarter to put the home side up 6-0 (failed PA).

Eastman would quickly respond before the end of the first quarter with a 40-yard toss to #28 to take the lead 8-6. That unfortunately would be the only lead Eastman would have on this chilly morning.

Midway through the second quarter, Portage would respond with a 40-yard play to bring the home side up 14-8 at the half.


The second half resulted in little offensive punch leaving the defense on the field for the Raiders too long and in the end surrendered to more majors to the home side by #81 to make the final 28-8.

The Eastman Raiders (3-4) face the Eastside Eagles (2-5) in Winnipeg for their final regular season game at 7:30 pm on Friday, October 3rd.

Pee Wee vs. Sunrise Coyotes – September 27

It was a sunny, hot day and I’m not complaining but MAN was it HOT!!!! And a large percentage of Eastman Raiders families were prepared to attend the Bomber game with jeans and sweatshirts in hand. NOT needed at this game – that’s for sure!! But… we must remember that we will be missing the warm weather when the real COLD games come so, we were thankful.

On to the game: The heat didn’t seem to slow the boys down – even in all of their equipment. A huge run back to start the game gave the offence great field position. We faced a tough defense and our defense got busy. Super pressure, a blocked kick by Tank and we were on the attack again. After our defense stopped them in their tracks, the offence found the end zone and crossed the goal line. (Raiders 6 Coyotes 0) The cross bar defended the kick nicely and no extra points were scored on this one. After a constant march down the field, a 40 yard reception for a touchdown!! (Raiders 12 Coyotes 0) A sweet snap, hold and SCORE! (Raiders 14 Coyotes 0) A second blocked punt by Tank and good field position was once again ours. Our defense stopped them again and off we go. A super catch and some serious YAC yards by Troy came next. A hand off and a hard run resulted in another touchdown for us. (Raiders 20 Coyotes 0) Snap, hold, kick – voila – 2 points! (Raiders 22 Coyotes 0) Great variety on offence and a throw, run and dive and in we go!! (Raiders 28 Coyotes 0) Sweet kick for another 2. (Raiders 30 Coyotes 0) The first half ended with their running back getting Dokkened and went down, and the very next tackle – yep, Dokkened and yep – off the field they went.

The second half began with a good drive but we didn’t quite find the end zone but… guess what? Defense did!! Pick 6 – score!! A spiraling snap, quick hold and the kick is good!! A quarterback sneak with a great push forward by Aidan got us a short yards touchdown. Their running back got a little “Rile’d” up… get it? (Deb Rueckert gets the credit for that one) and a tough catch and run, Dylan slammed through the middle for a gain and Cameron stood strong with the ball. A fitting end to the game was a strong stand by the defense. We finished like we started – SOLID!!

Well done Raiders!! Valour is up next and we begin that journey at practice. One play at a time and we will be OK!!! GO RAIDERS GO!!

Pee Wee vs. Interlake Thunder – September 20

A warm day, but the clouds were threatening and sure enough, by half time, we were all getting soaked… good thing the Raiders made it a quick game and played well.

We started off the game with a high kick and defence got to work.We got a bit of an awakening when their #30 got away on us and found a path right to our end zone… BUT… a delay of game penalty brought it back. A blocked punt by us and the ball was back in our hands. A good fake hand off and we ran into the end zone. (Raiders 6 Interlake 0) A solid snap, hold and kick and we added 2 points to our side. (Raiders 8 Interlake 0) Defence didn’t take long to make their mark — a massive tackle caused a fumble and offence was back on. Super blocking to protect the quarterback and the pass was completed. Touchdown! (Raiders 14 Interlake 0) The convert was good for TWO. (Raiders 16 Interlake 0) The defence dominated. A huge tackle and “rip” and the offence went back to work. A sweet fake and strong run up the left side for 6 more points. (Raiders 22 Interlake 0) 2 for the kicker came next. (Raiders 24 Interlake 0) One of the highlights of the game certainly was the 30 yard throw and diving catch to gain some serious yards! Well done. Defence showed huge pressure when they returned to the field and off of the kick off, we cheered TB down the sidelines as he ran the ball all the way back for a touchdown….. BUT…. an illegal block on our part called it back. The good news is, offence still got the ball and moved the sticks. A 45 yard run got us a first down we really needed, and a huge touchdown catch and SCORE! (Raiders 30 Interlake 0) And yes, the snap was bang on, the hold was quick and the kick, once again, solid! 2 more for us. The story continued with a long march down the field, some short passese, a couple of hard short runs, some scrambling and 6 points were ours. Another picture perfect kick to add 2 more. The end of the story was the defence breaking through causing them to fumble the ball… and Caleeb, Dylan and more getting their turn to run with the ball and doing us proud!!

Yes… we ended this football outing completely soaked… but with a convincing win… completely worth it! GO RAIDERS GO!!

Crunchers Black vs. Transcona Nationals – September 20

Crunchers Black vs Transcona Nationals…in the driving rain!

Kean kicks off the game for the Raiders, 10 yards. On Transconas first down, #88, Jett makes the tackle. On their next play, the nationals run the length of the field, scoring a touch down. On their convert attempt, Jett pushes the national player out of bounds. No convert.

The raiders receive the kickoff with Kean starting at quarterback. On first down, he hands off to Jett for a 15 yd run. On the next play, Kean (#40), hands off to #35, Brody, who is able to get 5 yds before being tackled. On 2nd down, Kean fumbles the ball with Kyle, (#13) falling on it. Great save! Kean hands off to #88, for a 5 yd run. Not enough for the first down, so raiders turn over the ball.

Transcona goes 4 and out as well and the raiders get the ball back. On first down, 88 receives the handoff and is tackled for a loss. On 2nd down, Kean is tackled, also for a loss of 3 yds. Transconas defence was on fire! On 3rd down, raiders quarterback hands off to Dylan, #82, and he runs for 7 yards. On the last play of the half, kean hands off to #99, Braysen, who runs 10 yards!

#69, Denver, kicks off the second half for the raiders. The nationals come out strong, with a touchdown. #82, Dylan, receives the kickoff. On our first offensive series, #18, Sam handsoff to Kyle. #14, who runs 10 yards. On 2nd down, Sam complete the pass to Jett who runs for 13 yards! On the next 1st down play, Sam hands off to Jett who is tackled for a loss. On 2nd down, he passes to Dylan(#82) for a 4 yd gain. Jett runs the ball on the next play for a gain of 11 yds. On 4th down, Sam hands off to Braysen, (#99) who is tackled for the loss. Turnover on downs!

To finish the game, the transcona nationals march down the field. It was hard game, in the cold and rain, but the boys played together as a team! Good job boys!

On Sunday, September 21, our cruncher team was able to represent the Raiders at the Rifles game at Investors Group field. The boys had a blast! They were able to go down onto the field for the introductions of the players and at half time, they played a mini game against the North Winnipeg Nomads. It was a beautiful day for football, and an experience unlike no other for the boys!


Crunchers Teal vs. Greendell Falcons – September 21

Captains 9/25 and 50 joined the coin toss, with a kick-off to Raiders to start the game. Kickoff was picked up by 60 for a good run. Our quarterback 42 handed off to 50 for a TD and an early lead. Another handoff to 11 for the convert, assisted by great blocking from 9.

25 kicked off with their receiver chased out of bounds. Their pass attempt was stopped by a tackle from 25. 48 and 61 tackled for 3rd down. On the next play, pass was intercepted by 44, and it was Raiders ball again.

A pair of hand-offs to 11 and then to 50 earned another 1st down. A successful pass to 50, followed by a hand-off to 11, and it was another touchdown Raiders. Great blocking by 20 during the hand-off to 50 lead to another convert.

A kickoff by 44 and the run was stopped by 66. A great tackle by 90 lead held them back. 61, 88 and 90 held them solid with a near interception by 44, to bring it back to Raiders ball.

A pass to 50 was successful for a good run, and a first down hand off to 11 earned another Raiders touchdown. 50 ran in the handoff for another convert. A quick kickoff by 88 was received and stopped by 48 to end the first half.

61 Kicked off the second half with 25 and 88 assisting on the tackle. Another tackle by 88 and a sack by 25 setup the 4th down where 90 recovered a fumble and ran for the touchdown. 42 handed off to 11 for a successful convert.

Another kickoff was held through 4 downs to give the ball back to the Raiders. A handoff to 50 produced another touchdown but an unsuccessful convert attempt.

A kickoff from 90 was stopped near its landing. A strip by 25 was run in for another Raiders TD with an unsuccessful convert.

A kickoff from 25 was stopped by him and 48. The next play produced their opponents only TD with a close race by the Raiders with 25 near missing at the goal line. The raiders held them for an unsuccessful convert.

A great game with good efforts by the entire team and lots of skills shown including passing plays. Great job coaches and players.

Crunchers Teal vs. Fort Garry Lions – September 14

kick off to raiders other team gets ball tackled by #9
tyler howe 1st down tackle by 50 gavin neufeld 2nd down tackle by
#11 jace waytowich fumble raiders ball 1st down# 25 asher fehr
handoff to 90 raylund ross no gain 2nd down 25 asher fehr handoff to
# 48 mason funk no gain 3rd down #25 asher fehr handoff to #90raylund
ross who ran for a touchdown kickoff to other team tackie done by#
11jace woytowich 1st down ot tackle by#9 tyler howe #11 jace
woytowich and #48 mason funk for no gain 2nd down tackle by#11 jace
woytowich small gain but got 1st down again tackle by # 9 tyler howe
and #25 asher fehr 2nd down tackle by #11 jace woytowich #60 Dylan
godlewski and #20 blake sproule 3rd down tackle by #25 asher fehr and
#11 jace woytowich on raiders goal line 4th down ot runs for a
touchdown kickoff to raiders ot gets the ball tackle by #11jace
woytowich 1st down ot intercept by #50 gavin neufeld raiders 1st down
run by #90 raylund ross no gain halftime kickoff to raiders ot gets
ball tackle by #11 jace woytowich 1st down tackle by #50 gavin
neufeld and #20 blake sproule no gain 2nd down intercept by # 11 jace
woytowich raiders ball 1st down raiders a fumble gives ot the ball 1st
down ot tackle by #11 jace woytowich and #50 gavin neufeld 2nd down
ot incomplete pass 3rd down ot runs for a touchdown convert good
kickoff to raiders 1st down run by #90 rayiund ross small gain 2nd
down run by #88 hunter fehr big gain 1st down run by # 90 raylund ross
for a touchdown convert no good kickoff to ot tackle by#50 gavin
neufeld 1st down ot tackle made by #50 gavin neufeld and #60 Dylan
godlewski no gain 2nd down tackle made by # 50 gavin neufeld and # 60
Dylan godlewski no gain 3rd down tackle made by #61 Judah reamer no
gain end of game

Atom Black vs. St. James Rods – September 20

It was a rain soaked afternoon when the Eastman Raiders Black team took to the field at Rods field. The game began with the Raiders receiving the kickoff and starting the drive at their own 30 yard line. The Raiders moved the ball down the field smartly with some nice runs from Cazden, Anthony, Gavin and Evan. The drive was stalled at the Rods 45 yard line due to a fumble. However St James gave the ball back on the very next play with a fumble of their own. Then Cazden provided the longest run of all setting the Raiders up at the 10 yard line. Evan finished things off with a good outside run to give Eastman the lead. The offensive line really stood tall in blocking to set up the first score. The convert was missed but at the end of 1 quarter is was Raiders 6-Rods 0.

The 2nd quarter was highlighted by some strong tackling by Jerome/Evan/Stephen and Cazden. The Raiders drove the ball down the field to the Rods 20 yard line before they ended up having to punt. As a result of the punt the Rods were pinned on their own 10 yard line. But on the Rods very next play #9 for the Rods got to the outside and went the distance for St James first points of the game. Strong defence by both sides made the half time score 6-6.

To start the 2nd half the Raiders kicked off to St James and the Rods put together a drive of their own to score the go ahead touchdown. St James managed to get the 1 point convert with a rush to the outside. There was’nt much more by the offences from there and at the end of 3 quarters the Rods led 13-6.

In the fourth quarter the Raiders offence put up a good effort driving it down the field with runs from Evan, Cazden, and Gavin before Danic ran the ball in to score the Raiders 2nd touchdown with just under 6 minutes left in the game. The convert was missed and it was Rods 13 Raiders 12. The Raiders defence worked hard the rest of the way but the Rods managed a long run to score their 3rd touchdown. St James made the convert and with 2 minutes remaining the Rods had a 20-12 lead. Unfortunately the Raiders were unable to put together another drive and the game ended Rods 20-Raiders 12.

Atom Black vs. Transcona Nationals – September 13

It was a chilly Saturday morning when The Eastman Raiders black team took the field in Transcona against the Nationals.

The game began with the Raiders kicking off to the Nationals. Transcona began with the ball around their own 40 yard line. The Raiders defence started strong with some good tackles by Jerome and Evan. Then Evan followed that up with a fumble recovery. The Raiders offence then drove the ball down the field led by some strong running by Cazden and got as far as the Nationals 30 yard line before being stopped. Some more good defence from the Raiders and a holding penalty against Transcona led them to punt it back to the Raiders. The Raiders offence once again drove down the field starting at their own 40. Bauer, Isaiah and Evan had some nice runs before Cazden finished off the drive with a touchdown run. Stephan used a solid kick to make the convert and the Raiders were off an running with an 8-0 lead. The rest of the 1st quarter was dominated by the swarming Raider defence and transcona penalties. At the end of 1st quarter Raiders 8 Nationals 0. The 2nd quarter started with the Raiders having the ball on their own 20 yard line. Cazden moved the ball down the field smartly with a good run led by strong blocking from his teammates. Jerome then made a great block that sprung Mikka loose as he rumbled down the field for Eastman’s 2nd touchdown. The convert was missed and it was 14-0 Raiders. The Raiders defence continued to dominate the 1st half with strong tackling from Dominic, Jerome, Stephan and Evan. Eastman offence drove down the field again led by runs from Jerome, Cazden and Bauer and good blocking from Anthony. Danic then snuck into the endzone and gave the Raiders a 20-0 lead and the convert made it 22-0. The Raiders kept the Nationals off the scoreboard and the first half ended 22-0 for the Raiders.

In the 2nd half the Raiders received the kickoff and started things off at their own 45 yard line. Eastman used some solid running plays from Mikka, Cazden, Isaiah, and Evan to move down to Nationals 10 yard line before the Transcona defence stopped them. Penalties and defence dominated the 3rd quarter before the Nationals offence used a long run from #49 and made it Raiders 22-Nationals 6 after the convert was missed. So after 3 quarters the Raiders held onto the 22-6 lead. The fourth quarter was highlighted by an interception by Jerome and some much needed tackles from Cazden, Danic and Jerome to keep the Transcona team from scoring any more points and make the final Raiders 22 Nationals 6.

Pee Wee vs. Winnipeg North Nomads – September 13

The sun was peaking through the clouds, the wind was doing a good job of reminding us that it’s fall and there were some BIG boys on the Nomads side — and we were ready to go. Well… not EVERYONE was ready to go… a few injured players didn’t suit up today, which was going to make the game even more of a challenge… and the Raiders were ready for it.

After a couple of powerful runs by the Nomads, a dropped ball and recovery by us and the ball was ours. Quickly, a 60 yard run resulted in a touchdown!! (Raiders 6 Nomads 0) Followed by a snap, hold and a new kicker — no problem — 2 points! (Raiders 8 Nomads 0) Super pressure by our defensive line and down came their runner – ball back to us. Great blocking bot us way down the field. Some big boys got running for the Nomads and a hard fought battle down the field, they found the end zone (Raiders 8 Nomads 6) Hard work up the middle and then a 40 yard toss, a super grab and 6 more points for us!! (Raiders 14 Nomads 6) Another kick through the uprights finished off that scoring drive. (Raiders 16 Nomads 6) The defense just got stronger and stronger and after a measure — it was a turn over on downs — AWESOME STOP!! A short turn by offense and defense returned with the Nomads in scoring position but after their #42 got “Dokkened” it ended up being a crucial stop near the end zone. Offence got into the action again and we ended the half with a short pass and huge YAC yards for a massive 1st down.

The offence started us off in the 2nd half. Some great plays kept moving the sticks. An awesome fake and a great sell on the hand off and we were off to the end zone. (Raiders 22 Nomads 6) 3 for 3 on the converts and we had 2 more points. (Raiders 24 Nomads 6) Defense figured out the run but a long pass moved the sticks for the Nomads this time. They were knocking on the door but the defence closed it big time! 2 huge stops and a crushing blitz and the ball was back to us. Offence stepped on to the field and after a bobbled ball – we landed on it in our end zone – a safety gave them a couple. (Raiders 24 Nomads 8) A huge swat on the pass and a recovery to boot and the ball was ours — come on Raiders!! A 25 yard objectionable conduct on the Nomads’ coach helped our march continue down the field. Some quarterback and running back variety and we found the end zone again. (Raiders 30 Nomads 8) The ball hit the cross bar on the convert… “missed by that much”. Defence decided to put an excalmation point on their unbelievable performance and a HUGE interception, some outstanding blocking and a long run to the end zone certainly did that!! (Raiders 36 Nomads 8) And you guessed it — even with a bit of a low snap — the kick squeaked through — final score Raiders 38 Nomads 8.

Well done boy!! Some adversity going into this game. The Nomads are a great team with some unbelievable size… but our bigs boys took on their big boys and there was no looking back. We were great on both sides of the ball but our defense had to stop the big boys and they did that in a determined, stifling manner. Coach Joe will be sorry he missed this one — but will be thrilled with the result and how we got there!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!

Bantam vs. Portage Pitbulls – September 14


The first quarter featured Eastman #16 run for a touchdown to make it 6-0 (missed point after). Portage responded with a major five minutes later with a pass from #27 to #71 to go up 8-6.


Both teams traded possession of the ball until Eastman #16 found Eastman #2 through the air for a big gain to the Portage 5-yard line. The very next play Eastman #16 called his own number to give the Raiders the lead again 16-8.

With just over a minute to go, Eastman #16 found his favourite target Eastman #2 for another big gain. Two plays later, Eastman #16 punches it into go up 22-8 over the Pitbulls.

Not to be outdone, the Pitbulls kept pace with no time left on the clock with a 48-yard pass from Pitbulls #27 to #81 to close the first half within a converted touchdown, 22-14.


The Portage Pitbulls came out of half time with three big plays to march down the field however were eventually shutdown by the Raiders defense. That allowed Eastman #16 to run nearly untouched down the left sideline 61 yards for the major to make it 28-14 (missed PA).

Portage responded on the very next possession with a 59-yard pass from Portage #27 to Portage #81 to close the gap once again 28-22.

Portage took over the ball after the Raiders were forced to punt the ball and thought they had a touchdown which was called back after an unnecessary roughing penalty was called. Two plays later, Eastman #52 picked an errant pass to give the Raiders great field position going into the final quarter.


The final quarter featured more turnovers than a bake sale by both teams.

Both teams were adamant at throwing the ball into the opposition’s hands. Undoubtedly, Portage finally took advantage with Portage #81 running 32 yards into the end zone to tie the game 28-28 with 6:43 to play.

Once again, both teams felt the need to cough up the ball to the other team. This time however, Eastman #16 found Eastman #30 in the flat who ran it in to make it 34-28 with two minutes remaining on the clock.

The Pitbulls marched down the field on the very next possession, however with 40 seconds to go, Eastman #22 sealed the victory with an interception to seal the victory.

After a shaky start, the Eastman Raiders (Bantam Sunday) improve to 2-3 and face the Greendell Falcons at A.D. Penner Park next week (Sunday, September 21st) at 10:00 am.

Crunchers Teal vs. Eastside Eagles – September 7

The game begins with a big kick from Eastside, picked up by #42 (Zachary Vogt) at the 40 yrd line. #25 (Asher Fehr) receives the ball and gains first down with a 10yrd run! #48 receives the ball in the next play, however is taken down by the opposition.

Our defense starts their play with a great team tackle from #60 & #42!! (Dylan Godlewski and Zachary Vogt) The Eagles attempt a pass which is incomplete and another great team tackle by #50 & #20! (Gavin Neufeld & Blake Sproule)

Offense is back on the field, # 48(Mason Funk) receives the ball, but is quickly taken down. Their defense gives our guys a run for their money! Despite great efforts, and additional attempts to break through, we are unable to gain any ground this round.

Eastside run’s the ball wide, but is quickly taken down by #50! Eastside is continually held back with great tackles from #60, 50, and 20! Excellent teamwork!

Offense makes several attempts once again to gain some yards, with #25 breaking through for a big gain in yards! He is taken down, and loses the ball to Eastside.

Defense is back on with a surprising interception by #50, who snags the ball on a pass and runs it in for the first touchdown!!! Convert is incomplete. Defense continues with several great tackles by #9 (Tyler Howe) as well as #20!

Second half begins with a big kick from #50. Eastside pass intercepted once again by #50!! Raiders Ball! The next play sees #88 (Hunter Fehr) running the ball for a 5 yrd gain! #25 receives the ball and completes an excellent 20yrd run! Next play, #25 receives the ball again and runs in for a touch down!! Convert incomplete.

Big kick by #11 (Jace Woytowich) of the kicking team, followed by a fast takedown at Eastside pickup. Defense continue with many great tackles by # 11 and #60 as usual including a huge team pileup! Great teamwork as usual!!

The last few plays did not see any major movement on the field and before we knew it, that was the game!!! Fantastic job Crunchers!!

Raiders Pee Wee vs. St. James Rods – September 6

It was a bit of a chilly start to the day but the sun was out and the only ones who were really complaining were the parents. The boys were just fine and they played like it.

A screen pass and a fast run started the game on a scoring note for us. The raiders found the end zone. (Raiders 6 Rods 0) A huge tackle on the kick off stopped them in their tracks. Defense was back on the field which resulted in a huge interception and run back – ball – Raiders!! A fast run up the right side and we flew to the end zone. (Raiders 12 Rods 0) Convert was good! (Raiders 14 Rods 0) A long throw to the left – yep, another touchdown. (Raiders 20 Rods 0) The convert got a good bounce – just through the uprights for 2. (Raiders 22 Rods 0) A quarterback run in behind some great blocking and we scored again. (Raiders 28 Rods 0) Beautiful snap, hold and kick. (Raiders 30 Rods 0) Defense was stifling to hold them pointless for the rest of the first half.

The second half started off with a super reverse play and a 60 yard run for a touchdown. Convert was good once again. A great march down the field – touchdown Raiders! The snap was on the money – the kick FAR through the uprights…. Score Raiders. A super grab for a second interception of the game by the same defensive player gave the ball back to Raiders’ hands. A gritty run to save the first down and keep the drive going and then, a touchdown on short yards resulted in yet another touchdown. A fitting end? Snap…. Hold…. Kick…. 2 points Raiders.

Well done gentlemen… you stayed strong when some teams would have let up. You showed great variety in the offence and great strength on defense. It was fun to watch… and we’re looking forward to more great football!! Go Raiders Go!