1st Down Program

Registration is now open for the 1st Down Program! Follow the link at the bottom of the post to complete the fully online registration process.

1st Down is a program focused on developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy in a football environment. It will include non-contact games and drills with a focus on fun and skill development that will be of benefit regardless of any sport they choose to participate in as they grow.

Age groups include 4-5 and 6-7 (based on year of birth not age at time of registration).

The format will be 2 – 1 hour sessions per week August through October. We are starting on Tuesday, August 14th and running Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm.

The cost for joining the program is set at $59.00 plus GST which will be paid online to Football Manitoba at the time of registration. The cost of registration includes a 1st Down t-shirt which will be yours to keep along with everything needed to participate in the program.
As the program is not run by the Eastman Raiders, if you will be utilizing KidSport or Jump Start for subsidy, the forms will need to go through Football Manitoba for completion. Use the contact information provided throughout the online registration process to arrange.
Refunds will be provided by Football Manitoba less a $25 admin fee up to 7 days prior to the start of the program.

There is a great need for volunteers to run this program as it will be run in conjunction with our regular tackle football league. If you are at all interested in helping out or want to learn more about leading a team or being on the field to help out, contact money.raiders@gmail.com.

1st Down Registration LInk

Brand New Raiders Gear!

Hey Raiders family! We are so excited about our recent collaboration with Silver Eye Sports that we wanted to let you in on a special, limited time opportunity. From now until July 8th you can purchase some Raiders apparel with the brand new, updated 2018 logo!
We will be having a launch day for our newly redesigned jerseys and logo later in July (stay tuned for more details) and want to ensure that you can all get some new gear for the start of the season.
The store is open right now but will only be open until July 8th so hurry if you want to be sporting brand new Raiders gear by August!
Follow the link to start shopping!

Cookie Dough Pick-Up

Cookie dough and muffin pick-up is on Tuesday, June 19th at AD Penner Park.
Pick-ups MUST be done that day/time as we do not have room to store the cookie dough or muffins. If you are unable to make it, please make arrangements for someone to pick up on your behalf.

Thanks to your efforts the club was able to raise $8,740 to be used towards safety and equipment upgrades this season. The top sales will be announced and the winners will be given their prizes at our annual Raiders Days celebration coming up at the end of August.

Fundraiser Drop-offs / Late Registration

Drop-offs for the cookie dough fundraiser will be taking place Thursday, May 24th from 6-9pm at the Clearspring mall.
We will be verifying that all cash and cheques match the total stated on the form at that time.
Please ensure that any cheques handed in are made out to Eastman Raiders Football.

If you still want to sign up for tackle football we will be taking registrations that night as well.


Registration on May 3-5th is for the tackle program only, ages 8-18.
Football Manitoba will be providing more information regarding the 1st Down Program (ages 4-7) to all clubs on Tuesday, May 1st and that will be posted here and on our Facebook page shortly thereafter.

The Eastman Raiders understand your excitement and desire for more information regarding this new program and appreciate your patience as we work towards bringing it successfully to Southeast Manitoba.

2018 Registration Details

Registration is a 2-part process this season. You must register your player and pay for their MMFA membership BEFORE registration weekend at the following link, Goalline Registration. There is no option to pay offline this season, payment can be made online by credit card or PayPal. You will NOT be able to secure a place on our roster until the Goalline portion has been completed.
Registration dates are as follows and will be at the Clearspring mall. Registration is first come first served.
Thursday May 3rd 6-9pm
Friday May 4th 6-9pm
Saturday May 5th 10am-12pm

Cost Breakdown *Club Prices to be updated*
MMFA Registration which includes your player insurance (online) – $35 plus tax non-refundable fee to Football Manitoba/Football Canada and $50 to the MMFA.
In order to keep the cost down for all of our players, the Eastman Raiders have chosen to lower the club fees from 2017 prices for each age group in order to accommodate the increase in the MMFA fees.
Cruncher – $115
Atom – $140
Pee Wee – $165
Bantam – $190

Please bring the following to club registration:
– Manitoba Health Card
– 2 cheques for $150 each for volunteer and fundraising deposits
– Weight and height of your player
– Form of payment – we accept cash, credit or cheque*
*If your cheque is returned, there will be a $40 charge and you must pay cash or credit going forward.

If you register your player for an age group and for some reason we are not able to field a team, your player will either be released to register with an alternate club or will be fully refunded all fees including the club fees and the MMFA fees. Team declaration will be made shortly after registration weekend.

Raiders Red Zone Camp

Spring camp, no equipment/no contact coming soon! Read all of the details then follow the link below to register.

$25 – payable on April 9th by either cash or credit card; cheques will not be accepted
Woodlawn School (Steinbach)
April 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th
Cruncher & Atom (born between 2007-2010) – 7:00-8:00pm
Pee Wee & Bantam (born between 2003-2006) – 8:15-9:15pm

There are only 30 spots available for each group, first come first served. The link will be taken down once full and anyone who registers past the cutoff will be notified.

Register before 5pm on March 23rd to guarantee your chosen shirt size.

Important 2018 Information

Midget Program

The Eastman Raiders have been working hard behind the scenes to field a Midget team this year with the age group change to 16-18 year olds. There will be an information held in the upcoming weeks for anyone wishing to get more info. Please stay tuned to the website and Facebook for more details.

2018 Registration

Registration will take place the first weekend in May. Once dates and times are finalized they will be posted here and on Facebook.

2018 Spring Skills Camp

Details are being finalized for a Spring Skills Camp to take place mid-late April. Again…stay tuned for more details in the next week.

2017 Tax Receipts

If you require a 2017 tax receipt please use the email provided in the Contacts tab to request one as soon as possible.
Please provide the name of the person who made the payment as well as a valid email address to forward the receipt to.
We apologize but receipts will only be sent out in the next 2 weeks.

Raffle Information

The raffle to support Eastman Raiders players travelling with the Manitoba Selects team will be held at a private residence on Friday, February 16th.

The prize is $500 donated by the Eastman Raiders Football Club.

The winning ticket will be drawn by one of our club executives.

Lottery license number LGA 5245-RF-28078.

New Age Divisions for the 2018 Season

New for the 2018 season will be revised age groups for all football levels. This change has been mandated from Football Canada and has been implemented by Football Manitoba to be in effect for the 2018 season.
More information will be available following the next Eastman Raiders board meeting where we will discuss these changes and the impacts they will have for our club moving forward. Please be patient and check back here for any breaking news and updates.

Ages 4-7 – 1st Down Football Program (non-contact)
Ages 8-9 – Crunchers
Ages 10-11 – Atom
Ages 12-13 – Pee Wee
Ages 14-15 – Bantam
Ages 16-18 – Midget
Ages 18-22 – Majors

Please see this as an opportunity for your players to enjoy another season with the teammates they spent the 2017 season bonding and growing with.

Charli Champagne – Vice President

Equipment Returns

LAST DAY for equipment returns is this Thursday, Nov 9th from 6-7pm at the Raiders clubhouse.
Please ensure to make arrangements to have your equipment returned at this time if it hasn’t already been returned. If your equipment hasn’t been returned or arrangements have not been made to extend your rental for spring camps your deposit cheque will be cashed.

Coaches Shirts

Coaches get your orders in before Friday! Email your receipts to your manager for reimbursement for the cost of a coaches shirt or a $20 credit on a sweatshirt.

Sunday, August 13th

It all started with us recieving the kick off. Bradey made the catch at the 30 yard and ran for 20 yards. The first play Tristan ran on the outside to make it a first down, he then ran the next play in for an Eastman touch down and Jonico was close when we tried for the convert points.

Devon with the kick off and the tackle ypu could feel the joy in it. Domanick with the first tackle then Jarome and a double team by Austin and Domanick 2 yards short of the opponents making a first down. Now for the offense to do some work. 14 recieved toss and ran it for a first down. Next play their was an illegal block on 1 and we lost 10 yards. Bradey with the catch and a loss of 5 yards with the next play Job made up 10 yards but since it was 3rd down it was not enough for us to get a 1st down. With all the effort the guests got on the scoreboard with 7 minutes into second quarter and the convert with a kick. On the kick Logan recieved and ran it 26 yards. However, on the play we fumbled in the hand off and lost the ball at the 32 yard line. Our defense worked hard to make up from our turnover. On the 1st down play our defense forced the QB to toss the ball or lose 15 yards. On the 2nd down the opponent gained 3 yards but on the 3rd down Grayson with a sack at the 48 yard and now turnover. Logan made a run to make it a first down at 37 yard line, he then ran it to the 20 yard line but on our 3rd down we were just a yard shy of goal at the half.

2nd half
We start with the kick of and Job with the take down. Then Domanick with the take down – he just flew and took him out
The opponent made it to a 1st down but Gavin had a nice tackle. Then Noah with a tackle that striped the ball. With our offense back on the field Logan ran the ball for a first down, then Tristan made it for another Raiders 1st down. Job ran it 12 yards and then 18 yards. Then we came up 1 yard short of another 1st down. Our defense did awesome. Domanick and Jarome with a collective take down and no yard gain. Then Austin with a take down pushing them back 7 yards with the turnover at the opponents 20 yard line. Logan ran it and we have a 1st down. Number 4 tried and even with the fancy footwork we came up short for a 1st down. So our defense was at it again Domanick with a crazy take down and the rest of our defense kept the play right at the end zone. Job scored but our convert didn’t work out so well. We kicked and Job took them down at the 18 yard line. On the 2nd down with only 1 yard to defend their was a fumble in the play and a loose ball which pushed the opponents back 8 yards. Domanick, Jarome and Noah collective take down but 11 on coyotes was offside so their was a 10 yard penalty. Gavin and Domanick took him down on 3rd down, but with that take down the opponent wih down hard on the field, he did manage to walk off (8).
Raiders offense back on the field Logan got the pass off and touch down on the first play. Devon with the kick off for 30 yards. Our defense held them, but with a yard on 3rd down their big guy got thru for a first down…but our defense worked hard and in 3 downs push them back to the 38 but with an offside they redid 3rd down at 43 yard line and Gavin took them down, Raiders ball at the 50 yard line. 4 minutes to Job drove to a first down with a
33 yard run then 38 yards for another touch down and Tristan for the convert.Defense held them around the 20 and then offense came in not much movement. Then defense again and they held them and finally our offense came on and with the score took a knee in the last seconds for a win.

Sunday, August 13th

The Eastman Raiders kick off the season against the Greendell Falcons.
The Raiders open the game on the receiving end of the kickoff which went out of bounds.
Raiders start on offense:
And it’s a touchdown! First throw of the game and the Raiders go deep to start a 6-0 lead.
On the Falcons first possession they marched up the field and on a 2 and 1 ran up the middle for a touchdown.
Tie game 6-6. But the Raiders got the football back and made the most of it. Turning heads on another deep pass to pad the lead to 18-6.
7 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter and the Raiders hit the end zone again to make the score 24-6 on a long run to the right.
Fumble! Raiders get the ball back on the Falcons next drive.
30-6 for the Raiders right before halftime.


The Raiders hit the scoreboard first, after a long touchdown was called back on a penalty the Raiders managed to run the field on a long run to make the score 36-6.
5 minutes left in the game and neither team has scored since the 3rd quarter. Falcons are pressing down field. The game ended without another score.
Final 36-6

Saturday, September 10th

Post Notes – Eastman Raiders vs Interlake Thunder
September 10, 2017 in Stonewall, MB – 4:30 p.m.

The players were announced over the intercom at the other football field where a bantam team was practicing. Each player was announced by Name and Number.
It was a very warm but very windy afternoon. Thank goodness for the breeze or those players would have been melting.

Raiders start it off with a kick off by #1
Interlake player #1 receives
Interlake hands off the ball to #3. #11 raider player makes the tackle
Interlake player #14 huts the ball to #2. Handed off to #90. Turned over by Raiders.
Interlake quarterback tapped twice by raiders. Once by #90.
Interlake attempts to hand off to #3. No yards made.
Raiders offence takes the field.
#30 runs the ball. Tackled by Interlake.
#20 hands off the ball to #1. Touchdown by Raiders.
Successful convert attempt by Raiders by #30.
Interlake offence takes the field along with Raider defence line
Raider player #25 kicks the ball.
Interlake player #2 receives and then tackled by Raider #25.
Interlake quarterback #2 attempts a throw to #11. Incomplete.
Interlake quarterback #2 passes off ball to #11 who runs the ball for a touchdown.
Successful convert by interlake player #30.
Interlake player #6 kicks. Received by Raider #11.
Raider quarterback #1 attempts throw to raider player. Incomplete. Close turn over by interlake.
Raider quarterback attempts throw to raider player #11. Incomplete.
Raider quarterback hands off ball to raider player #11. Tackled by Interlake player #90.
Good yards made.
Raider quarterback hands off ball to raider player #31. Touchdown Raiders.
Unsuccessful convert by Raiders. Raider player #90 tackled by Interlake player # 69.
Eastman defence takes the field.
Raider player #1 kciks. Received by Interlake. Interlake player tackled by Raider player #30.
Interlake quarterback #2 hands off ball to #6. Tackled by Raider #30.
Interlake quarterback attempts throw. Incomplete.
Interlake quarterback hands off ball to player #11. Tackled by Raider #25.
Interlake quarterback hands off ball to player #11. Tackled by Raider #30.
Interlake quarterback hands off ball to player #6. Tackled by Raider #9.
Raider offence takes the field.
Raider quarterback #1 runs the ball. Tackled by Thunder #34.
Raider quarterback hands off the ball to Raider # 10.
Raider quarterback hands off the ball to Raider #1. Touchdown Raiders.
Convert attempt by Raiders is successful.
Half time
Interlake Thunder #34 does the kick off. Raider #1 receives and runs for touchdown.
Successful convert by Raiders. #30 raider ran the ball.
Raider #92 does the kick off. No yards. Referree calls to re-kick.
Raider #92 kicks off. Thunder player #21 receives and runs. Tackled by Raider #25.
Interlake fumbles the ball. Referee calls for repeat attempt of first down.
Thunder player #3 runs the ball. Tackled by Raider #35.
Thunder player #11 attempts to hand off ball. Fumbled. Incomplete.
Thunder player #68 hands off ball to player #11. Touchdown.
Successful convert by Thunder player #3.
Eastman offence takes the field.
Interlake player #85 kicks the ball. Raider player #9 receives. Tackled by Thunder.
Raider quarterback #20 hands off ball to player #10. #10 runs the ball. Tackled by Interlake.
Raider player #10 runs the ball. Touchdown eastman.
Incomplete convert attmept by raiders. Throw attempt to #9.
Raiders defence takes the field.
Raider player #1 kicks off. Received by Thunder player #90. Tackled by Raider #11.
Thunder quarterback #68 hands off ball to player# 3. Tackled by Raider #30.
Thunder quarterback #68 ran the ball. Tackled by Raider #30. Called back by ref.
Thunder quarterback #68 attempts throw. Incomplete.
Thunder player #80 runs the ball. Tackled by Raider #11.
Thunder player #34 runs the ball. Tackled by Raider #11.
Thunder player #34 runs the ball. Tackled by Raiders.
Thunder quarterback #68 hands off ball to #111. Tackled by Raider #30.
Eastman offence takes the field.
Raider quarterback hands off ball to #92. Multiple fake outs by raider players. Tackled by Thunder.
Raider quarterback #1 throw attempt to #30. Incomplete.
Raider quarterback #1 throw attempt to #30 Incomplete.

Game over. Great game by all.

Sunday, August 27th

Kickoff to raiders #10 griffen carries for 6 yards # 30 Parker # carries for 10 yards 1st down raiders throw to #11 Richard for touchdown 6 plus convert 1 kickoff to nationals tackled by#66 tucker 1st down tackled by #9 jireh 3rd down tackle by # 25 Greyson #35 Kieran #10 griffen and #66 tucker incomplete pass raiders ball #30 Parker runs for the touchdown convert no good kickoff to nationals run and tackled by #9 jireh and #25,Greyson nationals run and score plus convert kickoff to raiders they score 6 no convert kickoff to nationals tackled by # 9 jireh and # 35 Kieran 1st down tackled by # 90 trey and # 66 tucker nationals score 6 no convert kickoff to raiders run by # 30 Parker touchdown no convert kickoff to nationals tackled by #25 Greyson no gain 2nd down tackled by #11 Richard and #25 Greyson 3rd tackle by # 25 Greyson raiders ball big run #9 jireh then #11 Richard runs for the touchdown convert good by #90 trey nationals ball tackled by #25 Greyson and 7 Noah 2nd tackled by #30 Parker no gain 3rd tackled by # 30 Parker and #7 Noah raiders ball big run by #10 griffen 1 down run by #9 jireh for touchdown kickoff to nationals raiders recover and run for touchdown end of game

Saturday, August 19th

Raiders vs Eagles

Raiders (R) start the game with #92 kicking. Eagles (E) #12 receives the ball and runs in for a touchdown. E #7 gets past the R defense for a convert. E #12 kicks the ball and E #12 runs and recovers the ball. E’s pass incomplete. 2nd down E #7 runs it in for a touchdown. E #7 runs it in for a convert. E kick off R #7 receives the ball. R offense #1 runs to gain a 1st down. R #1 receives the ball but is tackled. R #10 is given the ball for another 2 downs but is tackled both times. R #1 is given the ball but fumbles and R #25 recovers the ball. R #90 runs the ball for a small gain. R #11 as well as #10 are given the ball but are both unable to score. E ball. E #7 runs ball but R #11 makes the tackle. E #7 runs but is tackled by R #11. E #7 runs but is stopped once again by R #11. E #7 makes the touchdown. R defense stops the E from getting a convert. R kick return. R #25 receives the ball. R offense #10 runs the ball but is tackled by E #12. R #1 runs the ball but is pushed out of bounds. R #1 runs the ball and is tackled by E #12. E ball. E #9 runs the ball and is pushed out of bounds. End of first half.

R kick return. E #12 kicks the ball and is received by R #31. R ball. 1st down R fumble but recover the ball. R #1 runs the ball but is stopped by E defense. R #11 runs the ball down the field for our first touchdown. R unable to make the convert. R #92 kicks the ball to E #8 and is tackled by R #66. E ball. E #7 runs and is tackled by R #25 and #66. E #7 runs it in for a touchdown. E unable to make convert. R kick return. E #12 kicks ball and is received by R #25. R ball. R #11 runs the ball but is tackled. R #11 runs the ball but E #8 makes the tackle. R #11 receives the ball for the next 2 downs but is unable to make it to the end zone. E ball. E #3 runs the ball but is stopped by R #9 and #25. E #11 runs it in for a touchdown. E unable to make convert. R ball. R #1 receives ball but E defense makes the tackle. R #1 attempts to run the ball but E defense stops him. E ball. E #11 runs the ball and is tackled by R #9. E #7 runs for a touchdown. E #7 attempts the convert but is stopped by R #11. End of game.

Sunday, August 13th

The date…August 13, 2017. The time…4:30pm. The place…AD Penner Park. It’s the season home opener for the Eastman Raiders Crunchers and the Fort Garry Lions have come to town looking to spoil the Raiders home debut. But these little guys have a sparkle in their eyes and fire in their bellies. All the practices and drills are about to be put into action. The Lions kick off to start the game and Kane Robert has a big 24 yard return to start the game off with a bang! On comes the Raiders offense.
1st down – Run play. Parker Mantie with a short gain
2nd down – Run play. Parker fights but is tackled for no gain
3rd down – Pitch to Parker. He drops the ball but recovers and breaks free. TOUCHDOWN!
Dominic is successful on the convert
Raiders kick off. Lions returner tackled for no gain on the return. Strong special teams play!
Lions 1st down – Fumble! Tucker recovers! Raiders ball
Raiders 1st down – James pitches. Raiders fumble but recover. Loss of yardage
2nd down – Pitch to Ashton. No gain on the play
3rd down – Pitch to Ashton. Short loss of yards
Turnover on downs. Fort Garry ball.
1st down Lions – Lions run the ball. Touchdown Fort Garry
Fort Garry kickoff. Winston with a 5 yard return. Raiders 1st down
1st down – Parker runs through multiple tackles for another Raiders TOUCHDOWN!
Convert attempt – Pass incomplete
Dominic with big kick for the Raiders! Lions return and Parker gets a huge tackle on the play
1st down Lions – Run play for a 1st down. Jireh comes up with a huge tackle.
1st down Lions – Run play for a Fort Garry touchdown. Convert successful

Lions kick off. Griffen breaks through a slough of Lions players for a huge return!
1st down Eastman – Trey gets the ball and runs for close to a first down.
2nd down – Pitch to Dominic. First down Raiders!
1st down – Handoff to Dominic. Huge run for another….wait for it….RAIDERS TOUCHDOWN!
Parker successful on the convert attempt

Eastman kicks off. Lions with a short return
1st down Fort Garry – Lions run. Eastman defense stands him up at the line! No gain!
2nd down Fort Garry – Lions run again. Again defense is on point. Stopped at the line!!


2nd half

Dominic with big kick to start 2nd half for Eastman. Lions with a short return
1st down Lions – Run for a short gain
2nd down – Raiders defense is fired up. Stop Lions run for a loss
3rd down – Another run stop by Eastman for no gain
4th down – Eastman stands tall. Turnover on downs

1st down Eastman – Parker runs the ball. Raiders offense picks up right where it left off with another Eastman TOUCHDOWN!!!
Pass incomplete on convert
Raiders kick off. Fort Garry with no gain on the return.
1st down Lions – Short gain on the run play
2nd down – Raiders stop them at the line. No gain
3rd down – Lions run for a 1st down
1st down Fort Garry – Pass play. Tucker intercepts and runs it back. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!!!
Eastman convert unsuccessful
Raiders kick off and almost recover their own kick. Lions ball
1st down – Fort garry runs the ball but tackled for a loss
2nd down – Run play for a TD. Ref calls it back for an illegal block on Lions player. Repeat 2nd down
2nd down – Lions run but again tackled for a loss
3rd down – Incomplete pass by Fort Garry
4th down – Lions run the ball. Not enough. Turnover on downs

1st down Raiders – Dominic runs the ball and breaks free. Fumbles downfield. Lions recover. Fort Garry ball

1st down Lions – Run for a short gain
2nd down – Pass attempt incomplete
3rd down – Pass complete – 1st down Fort Garry

1st down – Pass incomplete by Lions QB
2nd down – Lions run the ball but are tackled for a loss
3rd down – Ref indicates last play of game. Lions pass the ball. It’s caught.

Game over!

After a hard fought battle by both teams the Raiders walk out with their chests puffed out. Both offense and defense came out to play hard and did just that. Everyone contributed when called on and gritted out every play and fought for every inch. And every single one of them walked out with a smile on their faces. These boys toughed out the hot weather and had fun doing it. Next up the Raiders Crunchers are on the road against the East Side Eagles on Saturday August 19th at 2pm. GO RAIDERS!

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