Atom Teal 2016

Sunday, September 25th


1st Quarter

-12:00 Coyotes kick to raiders
Riders start on their 45 yard line
-raiders forced on a 3 and out
Coyotes ball
-offside raiders repeat 2nd down
-coyotes convert to first down
-coyotes run from 25 yard line to the end zone for a touch down

6-0 Coyotes

-coyotes kick for PAT (2 points)

8-0 Coyotes

-Raiders receive. Bring ball to the 55 yard line
-Raiders #13 makes a nice gain for a first down on the 40 yard line
-#13 makes a nice gain close to 1st but no conversion. Coyotes ball
-Coyotes break the tackles and run it into the end zone for a touchdown

14-0 Coyotes

-coyotes attempt PAT but fail to convert. Raiders ball

-Raiders #13 returns football to the 40 yard line
-Raiders forced to a 3 and out.
Coyotes ball
-Raiders force a 3 and out.
Raiders ball
-91 runs for a good 20 yards and converts on first down
-raiders throw a pic on that drive
Coyotes ball

2nd Quarter

-Raiders offside penalty 5 yards
-Coyotes ball on 2nd down
Raiders offside penalty 5 yards
Repeat 3rd down
Coyotes convert to first
-Coyotes run it in for touchdown
-and convert on kick for PAT

22-0 Coyotes

-Raiders fumble football and Coyotes recover, their ball
Raiders D again stops
-Raiders penalty face mask
15 yard penalty and automatic
1st down for Coyotes
-Raiders calm panthers at the 40 for a turn over on downs raiders ball
-Coyotes strip the ball and again their offense takes the field
-Coyotes run in the ball for a touchdown
-They fail to convert on PAT

28-0 Coyotes

-Raiders receive ball and make a nice return to their 40 yard line
-Raiders #39 makes a nice running gain for about 15 yards and a 1st down
-Raiders #13 runs for another 1st down and a nice gain
-turnover on downs, Coyotes ball
1:50 Raiders ball
Raiders 39 makes a close 3 and 1 on the 48 yard line
Raiders Fail to convert to a 1st Coyotes ball
Penalty on Coyotes forced a turnover on downs
Raiders ball
-raiders make a 12 yard gain to a first down
-raiders convert to a 1st down after a nice bootleg HB sweep
-raiders on the goal line and run it in for a touchdown with 2.6 seconds left in the half

End of 1st half

3rd quarter

10:11 Raiders force 3 and out
Their ball
8:58 Coyotes ball
They manage to run it in for another Coyote touchdown

34-6 Coyotes

Their attempt at PAT fails. So it’s
34-6 Coyotes

8:38 Raiders ball at 52 yard line
7:48 Coyotes ball
7:29 coyotes throw a pick Raiders 91 intercepts ball
Raiders ball at their 48 yard line
6:53 raiders try a sweep and fail to convert to a 1st.
Coyotes ball
5:24 injury timeout
#5 hurt on play. Carried off field
3:21 Raiders force a 3 and out
Their ball on the 20 yard line
1:42Turnover on downs Coyotes ball
Coyotes manage to run it in for touchdown

1:00 Raiders ball
Fail to convert by the end of the quarter. Coyotes ball
End of 3rd

4th quarter

10:45 raiders offside penalty loss of 5 yards
Coyotes push toward the ends one for a touchdown

They fail for a PAT try

3:48 turnover on downs coyotes ball
00:45Penalty on coyotes

1st down raiders

Final score


Sunday, September 11th

Post Notes – Sunday September 11th.

It was a battle of the defensive squads with both teams holding each other in check through much of the game. Starting with the kickoff by the Eagles which was held in Raiders territory. After holding the Raiders, the Eagles took possession. Raiders 17 managed a great push and tackle behind the line to put the Eagles far back for first down. Raiders 5 spotted the reverse for a great tackle and a turnover to the Raiders. Raiders 13 managed a good run and some field position, but 3 downs was not enough. The Eagles mis-snap on their 20 forced them to punt for field position. Raiders 63 had some big tackles to hold position and Raiders 16 recovered a fumble to give the Raiders offense another try. A pass to Raiders 67 was successful but not enough and it was Eagles ball starting the 2nd quarter. The Eagles managed a breakthrough to score the first TD of the game.

A big tackle by Raiders 5 for gave them the ball on their 35 yard line. The defensive squads took turns holding for multiple turnovers with great work by Raiders 6 and 5. A big sack by 6 put the Raiders in control at their 50 yard line and Raiders 13 run gave them a first down. Raiders 33 runs gave them the yards for another first down and a touchdown near the end of the half. The score at halftime was 7-6 for the Raiders.

The 2nd half started well with a good kick return by the Raiders but a fumble on the reverse handoff turned the ball over to the Eagles. Raiders 57&5&1 held them in place to take the ball. A successful pass to Raiders 8 gave them some good yards. Unfortunately the defensive battle continued. Late in the 4th quarter a high tackle gave the Eagles great position to score one more time and push them over the top. Final score Raiders 7, Eagles 13.

Sunday, August 28th

The Eastman Raiders Teal had their first home game of the season against Transcona/Greendell Fusion and what a beautiful day it was. With the help of his team, Raylund Ross made his way down for the first TD of the game in the second quarter making it 6-0. The Raiders played a hard game with the final score being 6-10.

Thanks to those who supported our fundraising, to the coaches who got dunked and bouncy castle was a hit with the kids. What a great Sunday!

Sunday, August 21st

The Eastman Raiders Teal visited the Portage la Prairie Pitbulls and started their Sunday matinée with a fierce first quarter that saw a flood of scoring.
The visitors’ first two possessions resulted in major scores. The first, a 56 yard TD run by Raylund Ross, one of a number of scores today by the swift Raiders running back. The second, a 60 yard Raiders run to the one yard line only to be capped off by a Raiders touchdown in the following set of downs, making it 12 – 0.  To round out the first quarter, the Pitbulls and Raiders traded touchdowns with two kick-off returns by the Pitbulls, each followed by the Raiders driving into the end zone.  At the end of the first quarter the Raiders were up, 24 – 14.

Both teams settled into their own for the remainder of the game with each defence trading big plays and offenses trading scoring drives.  The Raiders moved the ball well throughout the second quarter and scored a late TD to go up 30 – 14 at the half.  Halfway through the third quarter, the Raiders made a huge interception bringing the ball back to the Pitbulls 5 yard line. A few plays later the Raiders punched the ball in for another major.

Throughout the fourth quarter the Raiders added a few more scores including a short passing play that resulted in a 90 yard run to the end zone.  The Pitbulls answered with a third kick-off return for a touchdown, while the Raiders responded immediately with a last minute touch down by Skylar Cudney to end off today’s scoring spree.

The final result was Raiders 54, Pitbulls 26

Sunday, August 14th

1st quarter
-Kickoff reception mustangs – tackle by #5
-1st down Mustangs #15 tackled by #16 loss of 5 yards
-2nd down mustangs #18 down at scrimmage
-3rd down #18 offside flag thrown
-3rd down #16 down
offense line
1st down – #8 incomplete pass
2nd down – tackle by mustangs #72
3rd down – tackled by mustangs #29 at 43 line
Defense line
1st down – raiders tackle by #63
2nd down – raiders tackle by #63
3rd down – fumble by mustangs #8 but covered up.
Ist down – #87 ran for a 1st down
2nd down – loss of 2 yards
3rd down – #37 ran touchdown in vain – flag for holding
3rd down – #39 lost 3 yards
1st down – #8 tackle by #5 raiders
2nd down- 1st down
1st down – handout to #16 tackle by #5 raiders
2nd down- #18 tackle by #1 raiders
3rd down – touchdown mustangs #8 from raiders 47 yl
Mustangs – no conversion
Score mustangs 6 – raiders 0
Mustangs kickoff
Returned by raiders #37
1st down – #8 incomplete pass
2nd down – #33 tackled by mustangs #2
3rd down  – incomplete hand off
1st down – #18 tackled minus 2 yards
2nd down – #8 tackled by raiders #17
3rd and 2 – tackle by #73 short of 1st down marker
1st down- #33 raiders  stopped short of 1st down marker
2nd and 4 – tackled at 1st down marker
1st down – #33 tackled hard  by 99 mustangs.. 33 injured
2nd down – #87 tackled by #29
3rd down – #87 stopped short of 1st down
1st down – Tackled by raiders #5
2nd down – tackled by raiders  #8
3rd and 5 – mustangs #8 for first down tackle by raiders #56
1st down – mustangs #60 for another 1st down tackled by raiders #17
1st down – mustangs #8 first down taken down by Boston
1st down – #8 taken down by raiders #17
2nd and 5 – taken down before 1st down line
3rd – #8 for 1st down
1st down #60 to raiders 5 yard line
2nd – mustangs #18 touchdown
Mustangs conversion attempt – no conversion
Score mustangs – 12 Raiders – 0
Mustangs kickoff covered up by #17
1st down – loss of a yard
2nd down – unsuccessful hand off
3rd down – no yards gained
1st down – #18 down by #16 raiders. loss of 5 yards
2nd down – #8 tackled by raiders #5 just short of 1st down
3rd down – #18 1st down at raiders 27 yl
1st down – interception by #10 raiders
1st down- #33 5 yard gained tackled by #5
2nd down – #33 1st down
Half time score 12 – 0 mustangs
Mustangs kickoff coveted up by mustangs
1st down – Incomplete pass
2nd down – #8 12 yard gain
3rd down – qb advance 2 yards for 1st down
1st down – #60 touchdown
Mustangs conversion attempt – successful
19 – 0 mustangs
Mustangs kickoff returned by #33 raiders
1st down #87 tackled by Mustangs #29
2nd and 10  –  #33 touchdown
Convert attempt unsuccessful
Score 19-6 mustangs
Raiders kickoff – covered up by #79
1st down – #8 tackled by raiders #64 for 1st down
1st down – no yards gained
2nd down – incomplete pass
3rd down – #8 tackled by # 63
1st down – #33 pass receipt
2nd down – #87 for 1st down
1st down – #8 tackled at line of scrimmage
2nd down – #8 pass receipt tackle by #97 by collar – 15 yard penalty
1st down – loss of 1 yard
2nd down – no gain
3rd down – #33 no gain
1st down – Touchdown
No conversion
Score 25 – 6 mustangs
Mustangs kickoff – covered up by #8
1st down – #33 for 1st down
1st down – #87 2 yard gain
2nd down – long pass to #8 received
3rd and 1 – qb no one to pass to, ran the ball, short of 1st down
4th quarter
1st down – 33 loss of 3 yards
2nd down- #8 loss of 5 yards
3rd down – punt
1st down – #10 tackled by raiders #6
1st down – incomplete pass
2nd down – #8 tackled by #6
3rd down – no gain
1st down – #39 tackled by mustang #29 and #51
2nd down – #87 tackled by #6 mustangs
10 yard raider penalty
2nd down – pass receipt by #8
3rd down – no yards Gained
1st down – #8 tackled by raiders #57
2nd down – #60 tackled by raiders #5
1st down – #60 pass receipt for touchdown
Unsucceful conversion
Score 31 – 6 mustangs
Mustangs kickoff covered up by raiders #68
1st down – incomplete pass
2nd down – #87 2 yard gain
3rd down – #33 no 1st down
1st down –  #8 tackled by #16
2nd down – #44 tackled by raiders #6
1st down – #60 tackled just short of end zone by raiders #6
1st down – touchdown mustangs
Conversion incomplete
Score 36 – 6 mustangs
Game cut 2 min short due to mustangs injury