Raiders verses Grizzlies

Grizzlies 37 – RAIDERS 7

This was a much anticipated game as we were tied for first place with the Grizzlies. The weather was great for a football watching day! Our boys were pumped and ready to go.

1st Quarter

Grizzlies kicked and ended up getting control of the ball.

Touch down for the Grizzlies.

#9 (Sawyer Thiessen) caught the ball.

Raiders offside 5 yard penalty.

#5 (Avery Penner) runs quickly to get us 1st down.

#9 (Sawyer Theissen) makes a couple yards.

#54 (Riley Karlenzig) makes a touch down!!!!

Score 8-7 Grizzlies

2nd Quarter

Offense tries to make a couple pass but they are incomplete. (Good try!)

#9 (Sawyer Thiessen) is down with a hurt foot, but recovers and is good to go!

Score 20-07 Grizzlies

3rd Quarter

All of our defense boys are putting up a good fight! Lots of great tackles by #87 (Isaac Dokken), #26 (Alex Roch), #16 (Anthony Flaming), #98 (Payton Esau), #27 (Kelbyn Doerksen).

#54 (Riley Karlenzig) gets gang tackled!

Score 37-07

4th Quarter

More great plays by our offensive line #14 (Jayden Martens), #9 (Sawyer Thiessen), #5 (Avery Penner).

They played hard and gave it 100% percent but in the end they were defeated with the final score 37-07. Looking at the bright side of things, we are still in 2nd which is great!! Game well played boys!!