Atom Raiders Teal VS. Charleswood Broncos

September 23rd Eastman Raiders Sunday Atom Game vs. Charleswood Broncos

Our game started off to quick start!  First touchdown of the game within the first few minutes by Avery Penner with big thanks to Jayden Martens and his amazing block to give Avery a clear path down the side of the field. The convert attempt ran in by Avery Penner.

Broncos’ first series of the game met our defence and were held up in the neutral zone.  Some good tackles in the first series by Corbin Azure, Isaac Dokken and Payton Esau for a three and out series for turnover on downs. Raiders get the ball back with Sawyer Thiessen grabbing the opportunity for another touchdown, again due to huge block by Jayden Martens, who then ran the ball in for the convert attempt.  Defence came back on the field with more fire than ever!  Anthony Flaming went in for the tackle, huge solid hit. The defence again held the Broncos and switched lines so Riley Karlenzig could show off his skills with a 50 yard touchdown! His biggest break away of the season.

The boys continued this momentum for the entire game which switched to running time before the end of the first quarter!  Numerous tackles throughout the game from Isaac Dokken, Nathan Edwards-Schure, Anthony Flaming,  Kelbyn Doerksen, with the help from entire defensive line. The offense showed their hunger as well with Wes Blask running the ball for good yardage complimented with more touchdowns from Avery Penner, Mason Esau, Sawyer Thiessen (x2), Jayden Martens (x2) and Payton Esau wrapping up for a 57 yard touchdown.  Special teams were also all over the opposing team. Issac Dokken recovered his own kick. Nathan Edwards-Schure delivered a nice bomb, sailing over all the players on the Bronco’s.  Now we cannot forget to mention those two fierce QB sacks we saw from Isaac Dokken!

A big applause to our Sunday Atom team!!!  Each and every single player did an amazing job, they moved flawlessly down the field, showing great team cohesion and spirit! Unofficial final score, 36-0, is securing the team one of the top positions for the Sunday division. Playoffs here we come! It is going to be a great end to this amazing year.