First Game of the Season: Crunchers Teal vs. Valour Patriots‏, August 11

The game began big with a kick return for a touch down in the very first play, made by Cazden.  We didn’t get the convert, though. Valour came back with a touchdown on their first possession, followed by a convert. Mikka pushed through his own teammates to get our first first down. Jerome came in for a big tackle pushing back the line of scrimmage 8 yards. Raiders tried a beatutiful fake by Kean, and a pass by Asher to Mikka,  twice in a row.  We complete one for a gain of 7. After half time, a forced fumble by our defense is recovered Gavin. Pass rushers pushed through the offensive line 3 times in the game. Mikka carried the ball for 15 yards for a 1st down, bowling over several Patriots along the way. Completed throwing play for 5 yards. Our defense forced offense into end zone for a safety. A good game by all; some great playing by the Raiders.

It takes the whole team to bring Mikka down.