Game 2: Crunchers Teal vs. Mustangs Red, August 17

Our game started with a kick off by Cazden that was
stopped quickly by our defense  With a tackle by Asher, our boys
pushed the Mustangs into their end zone for a safety.   Our offence
came out with a good run by Gavin. We had a bit of a fumble that was
quickly recovered. A couple of great hand offs by Kian and a few good
runs by Gavin and Bauer.  Our defense came out strong with a kick by
Jerome, with a great tackle by Jerome and Treyton.   Mikka followed
it up with 2 beautiful sacks, causing a fumble that Treyton
recovered.  Mikka came up to help our offence by taking down 2 opponents
making sure that Bauer had plenty of room to run, making a touch
down. We didn’t get the convert.

Our defense came out with a kick by Noah, an amazing
tackle by Treyton, another tackle by Cazden, and our defence working
together to keep the Mustangs offence scrambling. Just before the
half, our offence tried a few passes, the first missing, and the
second starting with a hand off from Kian to Bauer who passed it to Gavin.

Asher started the second half with the kick, with
Bauer stopping the Mustangs return with a tackle.  Noah stopped the
next run by forcing his Mustang opponent out of bounds. The Mustangs
finished up their drive with a touchdown, but Asher came in with a
tackle to prevent the Mustang convert.  After a bit of a scramble
Cazden returned the Mustang kick, followed by a couple runs by Gavin,
and a  touchdown pass from Bauer to Gavin. No Convert.  Kean`s kick
return was  quickly stopped by Treyton and Mikka, and our boys
recovering the fumble. With Bauer quickly recovering our own fumble,
he had a clear path up the middle of the field for a touchdown.  Even
with Gavin working so hard and trying to keep pushing his way through
we didn`t get the convert.  Our defense came back with a couple more
tackles by Cazden, our offence helped  Bauer with another touchdown,
no convert. Another great game played by our boys!