Game 2: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Nomads North, August 18

The morning started out looking pretty perfect for a football game but by the time we all arrived at the field, the clouds had rolled in and it was an interesting kind of dark. But the rain was holding off so the game began.
Our defence made a statement early as Keone poured on some huge pressure to tackle the ball carrier in the back field. Anthony and Isaac followed with a crushing tackle and Parker R. finished the series with a big tackle to turn over the ball on downs. Out came the offence and after a completed pass to Mason, a great run by Egan and some great blocking by the offensive line Mason ran into the end zone for the first score of the game. (6-0 Raiders) Our defence was tough again and some great speed by Parker R. ended in a huge tackle for a loss of 10 yards. Nick and George pushed them way back as well and Daniel jumped on the punt for great field position. Adam carried the ball for the offence and when defence returned to the field, Morgan threw in a good hit — they fumbled and Alex pulled in the fumble recovery. Back to offence and Mason ran the ball in for a touchdown after bouncing off of a massive hit – wow. (12-0 Raiders) **For a moment, the scoreboard showed 61-0 but we all knew that wasn’t true 🙂 Nick got a second try at the convert kick, thanks to a timely offside by the Nomads and punched it through! (14-0 Raiders) On the kick off Parker raced down the field – watied and tracked down the guy with the ball. Tristan N. show super hustle to take down their running back. Gab stopped the run and the offence was back on. Super job by Riley (Tank) on the offensive line protecting our quarterback and Paxton slowed down their big #75 just enough to give Mason the lane to the end zone once again. (20-0 Raiders) The offence continued to pour it on as Egan completed an 11 yard pass to Austin, a big block by Teg earned us more yards and a clean hand off from Egan to Mason found us in the end zone — AGAIN! (26-0 Raiders) A super kick by Nick, right through the uprights and we were ahead (28-0 Raiders) Gab had a touchdown saving tackle and a 12 yard completion from Egan to Paxton moved the sticks, never mind it took about 8 guys to take him down to end the first half.
The second half continued in favor of the Raiders. TB landed on the ball after a short kick and the offence took to the field. A 16 yard fun by Adam, strong protection by the O-line and then, the defence got back on the field with the job of stopping the Nomads after no score by us and they did exactly that. In fact, they pushed them back far enough that they gave up the safety. (30-0 Raiders) An amazing 50-yard completion and run by Austin and Decker threw in a tackle of his own. THEN, the rain started and the write-up author ran for cover. I do know that Adam scored our final touchdown and the game was done. Special note: Our Raiders’ defence was so strong the Nomads got only ONE first down in the entire game — ONE!! WOW!!! Go RAIDERS Go!!!