Game 3: Crunchers Teal vs. Mustangs, August 25

This past Sunday, the Crunchers Teal took to the field for their third game of the 2013 season. Here is a recap of the game. Jerome made first down. Quarterback (gavin) threw for a 20 yard gain to Jerome. Quarterback rolled out the pocket and threw a completed pass to Jerome for a touchdown.  Got the convert. Mikka took the the football from the quarterback for a turnover. Hand off to Jerome for a 33 yard touchdown. Quarterback sacked on the convert. Cazden sacked the quarterback. Treyton had a tackle on the running back. Cazden made a big tackle to turn over the ball to us. Jerome ran for another touchdown. Made the convert. Jerome came in for a big tackle pushing back the line of scrimmage 8 yards Tried a fake and a pass (twice in a row)attempted. Complete once for a gain of 7. Halftime. Second half begins with a fumbled kickoff. Cazden recovered. Forced fumble by our defense and recovered Gavin. Gavin quarterback fumbled. Mikka tackled 2 defense to tackle the quarterback. Noah took a hand off for a 10 yard run for a touchdown.  Great block protection. Nice tackle by Damon. Nice low tackling by Cazden. Damon made a great tackle on a double reverse by the mustangs. Defense had a quarterback sack. Mikka had a quarterback sack. Pass rushers pushed through the offensive line 3 times in the game. Noah carry for 15 yards for a touchdown! Held the mustangs to no touchdowns.