Game 5: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Mustangs, September 8

The umbrellas were ready – but were never used. The parents were ready to watch their sons take on the best team we’ve played yet this season – and that was true. What we all might not have been prepared to watch, was a young Pee Wee Eastman Raiders team that was ready to compete, a defensive battle that was awesome to watch and some spectacular runs up the middle that resulted in some of the longest touchdown runs yet this season. Our boys competed and had a chance to win. We belong with the best in this league and here’s how it all went.

A great run by Egan got us started and a 1st down run by Mason up the middle, with some super blocking by the offensive line, kept us marching. Escaping a bunch of tackles – Mason earned another 1st down and a completed pass from Egan to Tyson K. gained another 10 yards. A super reverse play and run by Egan got us to the 1 yard line but we just couldn’t punch it in. Their defense stood strong. Isaac had a couple huge tackles in the backfield to stop them and George tackled their receiver but their drive continued. Gab stopped the QB run and super coverage by Nathan caused an incomplete pass.  The defense worked for awhile, stood strong and the ball was turned over to us on downs!! A long run and effort by Egan but the ball was 1 yard short and the ball went back to the Mustangs. Parker and Isaac wrapped their running back and once a huge defensive effort turned the ball over on downs! Our offense had a short turn and when the defense took to the field, Keone, a little miffed with an offside call, poured his frustration into a powerful sack on the quarterback – and yes, another turn over on downs! WHAT A DEFENSIVE BATTLE!! A 1ST down with some big blocking as Mason followed Isaiah up the middle was next. Again, following some key blocks, Mason broke free for a 70 yard run for a touchdown! (6-0 Raiders)  Big speed by Avery resulted in a huge tackle and then, he followed it up with a quarterback sack and the ball was ours!!! The offense was on for one play and when the Mustangs got the ball back out came our defense. Lennox wrapped up the runner’s legs for a stop and after holding them tough they JUST got through and found the end zone. (6-6) Their 2 point convert was good. (8-6 Mustangs) Reagan K. recovered the short kick and we were on the offense again. Once again our blockers did their job and Mason eluded the tacklers and ran his heart out for a 50 yard TOUCHDOWN!! (12-8 Raiders).

The 2nd half started fast for the Mustangs as their #10 avoided a few tackles for 6 points. (14-12 Mustangs) A missed convert by them kept the score where it was. Brad V. caught the ball on the kick off and kept it safe. TB and Nick stopped their runner. Parker R. and Alex worked together for a stop but got away from us one more time for a TD. (20-12 Mustangs) A super catch by Nick on a short kick off. When defense was called on again, good pressure by Spencer and Andrew caused an incompletion. A long throw by the Mustangs was completed and they were off to the end zone. (26-12 Mustangs) The runner was slippery as they found the end zone for the 1 point convert. (27-12 Mustangs) But the Raiders were NOT done – and fantastic blocking by the O-line and Teg helped Mason find the end zone. (27-18 Mustangs) When the defense got back to work, Anthony and Alex combined for a stop and Isaac had a touchdown saving wrap up. After another battle, they finally broke through and dove into the end zone. (33-18 Mustangs) The kick for 2 was also good. (35-18 Mustangs) Again Brad was strong with the catch on the kick off and amazing footwork and speed by Mason made a 70 yard run a reality. Boy, it was something special to watch. We needed one more try after that to punch it in – and showing GREAT fight, a huge run by Egan and it was another 6 points for US! (35-24 Mustangs) The defense got back on, ready to hold them and they did! Pressure by Spencer, a near interception by TB, and Avery’s 2nd quarterback sack of the game and it was OUR ball!! The hurry up offence got us 5 yards and then another 5 and then another 5 but not quite to the end zone. Anthony had 2 tackles in a row, Isaac threw their runner down, George stepped up and cut off the QB – you know it – TURN OVER ON DOWNS!! One more chance for the offence to find the end zone and it started well with a HUGE catch by Teg from Egan for a gain of 20 yards. Defense was called on one more time and they finished  the game with strength: TB had a big tackle on the left, Keone completed a massive tackle for loss of yards and TB topped it off with a speedy hit on #31. I think he’ll remember that for awhile.

So, the final score was 35-24 for the Mustangs. Yes, our first loss of the season but what it showed most of all is that we can play with the best in our league. It showed us that even though we’re behind our boys will keep on fighting. It showed us that every little thing counts – every play in practice matters!! Don’t underestimate every time you hit the field and that how you practice is how you play. So, let’s hit this week harder than we ever have and improve on what we did once again!! Well done boys!! GO RAIDERS GO!!