Game 5: Raiders Atom Black vs. Falcons, September 8

Sundays game started with lots of fans in attendance at A.D. Penner park as it was the second day of the annual “Raiders Day” with the football club hosting teams from Winnipeg all weekend. The raiders faced the Greendell Falcons and started the 1st quarter with #22 Kraus kicking the ball to start the game. The first four minutes the Falcons controlled the ball with three 1st downs getting the ball deep into Raider territory. At 7:44 the Falcons fumble on a 1st down and the Raiders take possession of the ball for the first time in the game. They waste no time as a handoff is given to #24 Avanthay who makes a huge run all the way down for a touchdown. Raiders score first. Extra conversion attempt is no good, and the Raiders try a short kick which doesn’t make the ten yards dropping a flag for the penalty. Falcons ball at around center and they make one 1st down before # 2 Magonya sacs the QB for loss of yards on the Falcons. At 4:13 Falcons turn the ball over to the Raiders on downs. Raiders #50 P.Esau wastes no time and quickly hands the ball to # 24 Avanthay , and he runs down the field with nobody in sight of catching him for another touchdown! Raiders run the ball into the end zone for the extra point, and now the game is 13-0 from a brilliant offense. Raiders once again kick the ball and there is no return from the Falcons. Excitement builds as the Falcons attempt a throw on the next play which is intercepted by the Raiders, which in turn is fumbled and recovered by the Falcons. A close one! The next play also creates some momentum as #16 Flaming has a crushing tackle on Falcons # 28. This causes the Falcons to use a time out and regroup. Two more downs and the sticks come out to verify that there is a turn over on downs. Raider’s ball with 21.6 seconds left of the first quarter. The Raiders take a penalty on the 1st down and then on the next play had the ball to #24 Avanthay for his third touchdown run of the game. Wow! The extra point is good when #50 P. Esau throws it to #4 Friesen who makes an excellent catch in the end zone. Second quarter starts with a Raiders short kick, which is recovered by #50 P. Esau who dodges all opponents and bolts into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point is good with a running play. 27-0 is displayed on the scoreboard. Falcons offence finally wakes up and has possession for five minutes. The Raiders defense responds with great defensive tackles by #16 Flaming, and #60 Neufled, and #14 Vogt. At 6:31 the Falcons get on the scoreboard with a touchdown. #9 from the Falcons fails at a kick for the extra point. 27-6. The Falcons kick and Raiders take possession for two and a half minutes, and end up turning the ball over on downs. The Falcons make a few plays with runs from #28, and #20 with a late touchdown in the 2nd quarter by #84. Extra point attempt is no good. This brings the score to 27-12 with 20 seconds on the clock. This gives the Raiders one more offensive drive from the Falcons kick, with #38 M. Esau running the ball all the way in for a touchdown. The extra point is good with a catch by #9 Thiessen. 34-12. # 22 Kraus has a great kick, and the Falcons end the half with one play.

The Second half is played with the clock running, as the Falcons fail to show offensive drive. An amazing run is made to start the second half by # 9 Thiessen as he turns and spins to bounce the Falcons off both shoulders, touchdown Raiders! Extra point attempt is no good. Raiders once again kick the ball to the Falcons. The Falcons waste time and eat up the clock for five minutes as they inch towards the Raiders end. At 5:40 the Falcons turn the ball to the Raiders on turn over on downs. Raiders bounce back with runs by # 9 Thiessen, #22 Kraus, and a nice catch by #4 Friesen. #9 Thiessen scores a touchdown with about four minutes in the quarter. With second left in the in the 3rd quarter a big hit is made by #16 Flaming on Falcons #28. #16 Flaming then intercepts the ball and the raiders score another touchdown. Extra point is not made. Fourth quarter is started with a Raiders kick, and within three plays the Falcons turn over the ball on downs. It takes three plays before # 22 Kraus runs through the middle for another Raiders touchdown. A pass attempt is made for the extra point, but not complete. With four minutes left on the clock the Falcons make little progress and are stopped by a strong Raiders defense. The game is complete with the Raiders taking control on the field and showing great sportsmanship towards the players and fans. Great job to all the players, coaches, volunteers and fans ! 58-12