Game 5: Crunchers Black vs. Nationals Grey, September 8

What a great day for football! It was Raider Days and lots of fans came out to cheer on the boys!!
We started the game with a great kick by Devin. Then Devin was quick off the line and sacked the quarter back for a loss of yards! A couple of great tackles by Noah and Austin! Touchdown by Boston but it got called back for holding. Raiders keep on going with a hand off to Boston for a few more yards. Then a crazy “zig zag” run by Eric for a TD!  Then a reverse play and Boston runs it in for the convert!  Great job boys! Devin kicks a another good one and Austin recovers the ball!  Another hand off to Boston. And Boston runs it in for a TD and this one counted!! Way to go!  Nationals have the ball and our defence played great with a bunch of tackles by Noah, Joshua, and Austin. Great pressure on the QB by Devin!  Nationals try a throwing play and Joshua intercepts!! Nice catch!  Next Noah gets the ball and runs it in for a TD!  And the convert is good by Austin!  Nice team work!  A few more great tackles by Eric and Boston and ANOTHER interception by Joshua to end the game!! Great job defence for stopping the other team and not giving up any touchdowns!