Game 6: Crunchers Black vs. Comets, September 15

The game begins with the Comet’s kickoff, picked up by Austin on his knee. In the next play Eric receives the ball but is taken down before gaining any yards.  Turn over on downs. The Comets make a break for some major yardage, but are taken down by Gavin and Noah just before the end zone!  The next few plays feature a great sac by Austin forcing loss of yards and more great team tackles, holding the Comets back.  Soon the Comets complete a throw and gain their 1st TD, but thanks to great Raiders teamwork, were not able to make the convert! The Comets complete a strong kick, but is quickly recovered by Boston, who makes a run for a major gain in yards!  The next play is a pass to Noah who gets tripped up and stumbles to his knees, but hangs on to the ball.  Not long after, the ball is passed to Austin who runs it into the end zone for our first TD!  The next play sees a fake by Austin as Noah runs it in for the convert!!  Great teamwork, blocking and supporting your team members! Devon gives a big kick, recovered by the Comets, but not for long as Boston takes him down!  The ball runner for the Comets is tackled again by Eric and Austin as the rest of the Raider’s defence works hard to hold them back! The Comets have a successful throwing play, but are quickly tackled by Boston. The next pass is diverted by Eric and the ball is recovered by Austin.  It’s not long before Eric receives the ball and makes an impressive zigzag run to the end zone for our second TD!  Convert is incomplete. Devon gives another big kick which is quickly followed by a great team tackle.  Many more great tackles from the Raiders Strong defencive players.  Eric runs the ball into the end zone once again!  Convert is incomplete. Comets have the ball but their offense is unable to get through our tough defence! Austin breaks through the line for a great quarter back sack! It’s not long before the ball is returned to the Raiders and Boston runs it into the end zone!  Convert once again incomplete. The game is competed with many more great tackles from Joshua, Austin, Gavin, Noah, and Devon.  All the blockers and guards including Wilson, Kyle, Tyler and Zach also did a great job helping to finishing up a great game!  GO RAIDERS GO!!!!!!!!