Game 7: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Nomads West, September 22

We had another beautiful sunny day to watch football… and it was great football. What a game!! We knew that it would be a battle and that’s exactly what it was. And here how it went:

To start the game our offensive drive, helped by a number of penalties by them, got us down the field and Mason found her way into the end zone for our first score (6-0 Raiders). The 2 point convert was GOOD! (8-0 Raiders) As quick as our start was, so was theirs. (8-6 Raiders) Our defense stopped them twice on the 3 yard line but couldn’t quite hold ‘em. (12-8 Nomads) Good blocking and a long run by Austin and then a big run by Mason and it was “Touchdown Raiders”. (14-12 Raiders) Brad tackled their runner on the kick off, Nathan held on to stop their run, Keone and Paxton combined for a huge stop on 2nd down and super pressure by TB resulted in a turnover on downs. When the defense returned, Isaac, TB and Parker wrapped up their runner. Andrew added a huge tackle up the middle. A couple of offsides by us gave them 2 extra chances BUT we stayed strong on the next set of downs and got the ball back to end the first half!!

The 2nd half began and our defense was hard at work… Matteus showed some great coverage causing an incomplete pass. Parker had a strong stop up the middle. Overall great work by our defense and they turned the ball over on downs once again. It was the offense’s turn and it started with a super catch by Tyson K. from Egan for a gain of 20 yards. Riley Karlenzig, Dylan, and Tyson K. came up with some huge blocking for Mason to have a clear run up the left side of the field for a touchdown. (20-12 Raiders) George came up with a big tackle on the sidelines and they chose to punt. TB caught the punt next and a tough run by Mason followed but it wasn’t quite enough for a first down and on came the Raiders’ defense. Parker FLEW through the line for a big loss of yards. Paxton charged in to finish the next tackle and we turned the ball over on downs. A super TD run by Mason, with 2 big blocks by Tyson K had the sidelines cheering, but the excitement lasted for only a moment as it was called back. Our defense entered the field once again and George threw his body down to stop them plus a big wrap-up by Paxton but they still found their way through and it was a TD for them. (20-18 Raiders) Their 2 point convert was good. (20-20) So, we had to do something about it and we did. Mason ran the kick back 40 yards and a 20 yard touchdown PASS from Egan to Tyson K got us another score! (26-20 Raiders) George and Nathan were a wall on the outside for a stop, and the defense kept working. Then, Parker came up with exactly what we needed at the time – a lightning fast quarterback sack, causing a fumble and Andrew recovered!! Super job!! Their defense stayed strong though and in 3 downs our defense was called on again. They wrapped up their runner up the middle but their toss to #22 resulted in a Nomad TD. (26-26) Their 2 point convert kick hit the cross bar and luckily for them, bounced through the uprights. (28-26 Nomads) Nathan, continuing his great defensive display today, stopped the runner short and it was a great time for the Raiders’ defense to turn the ball over on downs. The offense returned to the field with 1:25 left to play but it wasn’t quite enough. One more go for the defense saw TB grab one of their bigger runners and single handedly pull him down for the tackle. The Nomads took 2 knees and it was done.

Well, Raiders, it was a well-fought battle and once again we learned that we were right there with them! Every week, take the good and the bad from the game you played and let it make you even better next time. That’s how we improve… and that’s exciting because you never know what you will accomplish next week! Let’s tackle this week’s practices with everything we’ve got!! We’re not finished yet!! GO RAIDERS GO!!