Game 7: Raiders Atom Black vs. Pitbulls

Sundays game was played on home turf against the Portage la Prairie Pitbulls on a sunny afternoon with a slight wind coming from the south. The pre game showed that the Raiders had twenty players dressed against the Pitbulls seventeen .  The game started with the Raiders kicking the ball on the 45 yard line. The Pitbulls make a few first downs and took three minutes off the clock working the Raiders defense . The Raiders offence take the field on a turnover on downs at 9:02.  The offence trys a hand off and then a passing play which gains a few yards before turning the ball back to the Pitbulls.  The Pitbulls have a turn at three downs and turn the ball back over to the Raiders.  On the next two plays a few yards are gained and on third down the Pitbulls recover the ball. The Pitbulls take control of the ball and advantage of a Raiders off side penalty which earns them to score first (#47)with 3:29 left in the first quarter. The extra point attempt is no good as the Raiders defense hold them at the line. The Pitbulls kick the ball and #9 Thiessen jumps on the ball at the Raiders 50.  Next, a running play from #50 Esau to #9 Thiessen brings the Raiders to the Pitbulls 30 yard line. Excellent run by Thiessen! A few yards are gained by #22 Kraus and on third down the Pitbulls take down the QB and take the ball on turnover of downs deep in their own end. A minute is left in the first quarter as on the Pitbulls first possession #60 Neufeld makes a huge tackle on #91. On third down #21 Rickey makes a crushing tackle on Pitbulls #47 and it looks like the Raiders defense mean business. Turnover on downs and Raiders have 6 seconds to make one last play before the end of the first quarter.  An awsome play is made with #50 Esau throwing the ball to #38 Esau creating a first down. The second quarter starts with the Raiders in possession of the ball. Several running plays are made with #22 Kraus and #9 Thiessen moving the ball down the field.  The Raiders get on the scoreboard ay 10:02 with a great run by #22 Kraus.  #24 Avanthay tries a kick attempt but is just wide. Tie game. The Raiders try a short kick but the Pitbulls recover the ball quickly .  The next three plays show #16 Flaming destroying the Pitbulls offence with bone crushing hits on #47 and #91 this results in turnover on downs.  The next few Raiders plays cover ground with carries from #9 Thiessen ,#22 Kraus and #24 Avanthay . An incomplete throw attempt turns the ball over to the Pitbulls . The Raiders defense again delivers tackles by #16 Flaming and #21 Rickey . 4:00 remaining in the half and it’s Raiders ball on their own 50. On second down QB #9 Thiessen  runs the ball for a good 15 yards. The next play #22 Kraus runs the ball for a five yard gain. On second down #24 Avanthay gets the ball and makes a forty yard run for a touchdown. Raiders pull ahead by six points with just under two minutes remaining in the half. The Pitbulls take a minute off the clock as they make one first down. Defensive tackles by #16 Flaming and #21 Rickey . Raiders ball with thirty seconds to go in the half. A nice throw from #50 Esau to #9 Thiessen creates a first down. Next play Thiessen makes a nice fifteen yard run.

Second half starts with the Pitbulls kicking the ball, #60 Neufeld receives it and gains a few yards. The next offensive drive consists of three consecutive first downs. #24 Avanthay runs for twenty yards. A reverse from #24 Avanthay to #4 Friesen and a block by #9 Thiessen nets five yards. Then on second down the Raiders fumble the ball on the one yard line. So close .  With the ball deep in the Pitbulls own end they use three downs and the ball is turned back over to the Raiders . #16 Flaming once again credited with nice tackles. The next play the Raiders fumble the ball and the Pitbulls recover it in the end zone. The ball is placed the twenty yard line. The Pitbulls make a first down. A gain of a total seventeen yards is made before turning the ball over to the Raiders on the 37 yard line. Tackles made by #14 Volt #21 Rickey and a QB sac by #16 Flaming.  Five minutes to go in the quarter and the ball is moved ahead by #9 Thiessen. Next play the ball is carried 37 yards by #24 Avanthay for a Raiders touchdown . Extra point is no good. Raiders try a short kick but #16 of the Pitbulls makes a good run to the five yard line. The Pitbulls push the ball ahead for a touchdown by #47. The extra point is no good. 3:46 remaining in the quarter .Score is 18-12 Raiders . The kick after the TD is returned by #16 Flaming for a gain of twelve yards. The Raiders make several attempts but not enough to hold onto the ball. Turnover on downs and the Pitbulls end the quarter with the ball. The forth quarter starts with a long run by #47 of the Pitbulls who scores with a touchdown . Extra point is run in by #48. The Pitbulls take the lead at 11:22 in the forth quarter .  The Raiders use three downs for a gain of five yards and turn the ball over on downs.  The Raiders defense holds the Pitbulls offence for two downs with tackles from #2 Magonya and #14 Vogt .  On third down Pitbulls move the ball down field which ends up in the end zone by #91. Extra point is no good. 18-25 Pitbulls at 8:14 left in the game . Raiders ball after the kick as #4 Friesen covers the ball . A gain of four yards is made by #22 Kraus .  Second down is a carry from #50 Esau to #9 Thiessen for a huge 50 yard run into the end zone. Touchdown Raiders ! #22 Kraus runs it in for the extra point. and it’s a tie game with just over seven minutes left. Raiders kick the ball and Pitbulls make short work of there possession and run it for a touchdown on there first down. (#91) Extra point is no good .  Raiders control the ball after the kick with a nice run by #9 Thiessen and #22 Kraus. with five minutes remaining the ball is turned over on downs.  Pitbulls make another touchdown #47 with a 55 yard run. #91 runs the ball in for the extra point. The Raiders make several throwing attempts to try to move the ball down field. Catches made by #9 Thiessen and runs by #24 Avanthay and #22 Kraus. With 30 seconds left the ball is turned over on downs to the Pitbulls. Final score 25-38. Although the Raiders lost, the game was a battle back and forth with great sportsmanship coming from both teams. Several people commented on the excitement and level of play that was demonstrated by these players. A big thumbs up to our coaching staff,volunteers, and fans who make this possible.