Game 8: Crunchers Grey vs. Lions, September 28

We will call this game the Rain Bowl. It was a cold and rainy day on Saturday but overall a good day for some football. The boys were a little apprehensive to get wet at the beginning of the game but soon realized that the rain had drenched them already. The defence came out and stuffed the opponents on their first drive with some great tackling by #45 and #69. On the Raiders first possession we fumbled the ball and it was recovered by the Lions. The lions scored off the turnover but on the ensuing kickoff # 45 returned the kick for a touchdown on a spectacular run. The rain made it difficult to hold on to the ball and both teams exchanged some fumbles before the half. Second half, the kids started to feel the cold as the wind picked up and the rain continued to come down. We stayed in the game and showed some real determination despite some frozen fingers and soaked feet. Overall, a great gutsy effort by our boys given the conditions.

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