Game 9: Crunchers Teal vs. Nomads West, October 5

Kick off- Treyton tackled at 10 yd line. Trey made tackle at 25 line. Cazden made tackle at 20 line.. Loss of yards. Cazden made tackle at 20 line.. No yards. Trey tackled at 20.. No yards. Mikka picked up our own fumble, ran in for TD. Damon missed a tackle, but tried again and stopped the return just short of a TD. Cazden made a big block for Damon who ran the ball from their 30 for a TD. Damon made a tackle just before half time to stop a TD.

After half-time, Cazden ran the return in for a TD. Hand off to Damon who ran for the convert. Noah recovered a nomad fumble during their convert attempt. Cazden ran in the return for a TD. Mikka ran in convert. Hand off to Mikka for TD run. Trey stopped the convert. Cazden and Mikka made good blocks for Damon to run about 15 yds. Mikka ran about a 40 yd TD. Mikka ran in the convert.