Playoff Game 3: Raiders Atom Black vs. Comets, October 20

It was a chilly morning out however, our crunchers team started the game off with a bang, recovering our kickoff to the other team. #66, Joshua throws the ball to #13 Eric, who completes the pass for a second down. Next play results in a TD by #13, Eric. #35 Noah trips up while running in for the convert, didn’t make it to the endzone. Next big play comes from the Nomads which gets them their first TD of the game with the convert good for the extra point. Kickoff to our boys ends with #50, Devon running it to the endzone for a TD. #35 Noah tries again for the convert and this time its good. Off the kick is a big tackle by #66, Joshua followed by a team tackle by #55, Gavin, #5, Austin and #50, Devon. 1st down for the Nomads. 50 yard run by one of the Nomads leaves our boys breathless trying to catch up. #13 Eric digs deep and finds a burst of speed and catches up for a huge tackle. Next play has #50 Devon showing off his Megatron side with the takedown, knocking the ball loose, #55 Gavin has keen eyes and recovers the ball! #35 Noah gets the ball handed to him and runs it for a 1st down. #5 Austin runs the ball the next play and navigates his way through to find an opening, running for 60 (or so) yards for a TD. The crowd goes wild!! No convert point however. Tackle by #55 Gavin off the kickoff. Then we have #82 Boston run 40yards for the tackle. #63 Gavin and #55 Gavin do a team tackle stopping the opposing teams play in their tracks. That takes us to half-time. Both teams duck into the clubhouse where they tried to get the chill out. Jackets were on, and the kids had hand warmers to try to get the feeling back into their hands.

2nd half starts with #66 Joshua recovering the ball. #35 Noah runs the ball for a 1st down. #5 Austin evades getting tackled again and gets him in the endzone for another TD. Convert is good after #13 Eric catches the ball. Fumble recovery by #13 Eric gives him the opportunity to take it all the way and he does! TD!! No convert point. Nomads ball. They take the ball up the field getting a TD with #50 Devon stopping the play for the convert. Kickoff, ball goes to #5 Austin who uses some fancy footwork to leave his opponents dazed and confused. He takes the ball in for another TD! No convert.#55 recovers the ball which gives us another TD opportunity. Reverse play by #13 Eric to #82 Boston getting a 1st down. Pass play is intercepted by the other team with #66 Joshua following up with a tackle. #66 Joshua makes one more big tackle to take us to the end of the game. What a great last game! Way to go guys!