Raiders Pee Wee vs. Transcona Nationals – August 9

It was a hot and sunny day but the breeze made it a perfect day to start a football season. So, the Pee Wee Raiders took to the field and they were ready to go! A great offensive drive to start, steady work by the defence and a long toss into the end zone got us the first score! (Raiders 6 Transcona 0) A great snap, quick hold and it was good for TWO! (Raiders 8 Transcona 0)

The defence showed great speed for tackles in the backfield and the ball was ours again. Super blocking by the O-line opened up a hole to get us to the 10 yard line and although we couldn’t quite finish the drive with a score, the defence returned to the field and after fighting off a long drive by the Nationals, got us the ball back. Excellent blocking got us a 50 yard run for the touchdown… another 2 point convert… SCORE!! (Raiders 16 Transcona 0)

A long kick to start the 2nd half, a smashing tackle and we were off and running. Two quarterback sacks — loss of yards — and the ball was back to us. Another huge run found the end zone! (Raiders 24 Transcona 0)

It didn’t take long and a nice high throw and a sweet grab in the end zone resulted in another 6 points for us. (Raiders 30 Transcona 0)

We did end up finding the end zone one more time on the ground to finish off a fabulous regular season game.

If we were to sum up this sunny, warm Saturday game it would go like this:
*Defensive strength
*Unrelenting pursuit
*Shut out!
*Blocking to create big runs
*Super grabs in end zone
*True team effort on both sides of the ball
*Game ending interception — the cherry on top!

Well done boys — we know there is still work to be done and more tough competition on the way — we will take care of that and enjoy the win till next practice!!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!