Crunchers Black vs. St. James Rods – August 16

Raiders start the game with #63 receiving the kick from the Rods. On 1st down, Raiders quarterback, #18, Sam, hands off to #88, Jett, for a 4 yard gain. On second down, Jett receives the handoff again and runs in for the touchdown! For the convert, Raiders try a pass to #35, Brody, but it falls incomplete. Raiders #18, kicks the ball to centre field with the Rods player falling on it. Rods handoff the ball on 1st down, with #88 tackling him after a gain of first down. They handoff again, with 3 Raiders surrounding him. #30, 13 & 69 tackle him for a gain of only 3 yards. Again the rods handoff the ball, with #63, Kristjan, tackling him at the line of scrimmage. On 4th down, the Rods throw the ball, and #13, Kyle, tips it away from the receiver and it falls incomplete. The rods hand off the ball one more time, with #13, Kyle, #69, Denver and #30, Cody tackling the player. Turnover on downs. Raiders #18 passes to #35, Brody complete for 5 yards. On 2nd down, the Rods rush the quarterback and tackle him. On 3rd down, Raiders shovel pass to #88, Jett, who runs it in for the touchdown. For the convert, they try another running play, but the Rods were able to stop them. No convert. Raiders, #18, Sam, kicks the ball to the 40 yard line and Rods player receives it and fumbles the ball when #88 hits him. Jett recovers the ball. Raiders pass the ball to #35, Brody, who almost catches it, but it falls incomplete. Quarterback Sam hands off to #88, who runs 20 yards but fumbles the ball when tackled. Rods ball!

Rods kick the ball – #88, Jett, receives it. Raiders pass to Jett who catches it and runs 18 yards! Great play! On second down, Sam shovel passes to #88, who runs 10 yards. On 1st down, handoff to Jett, who runs 5 yards to the 25 yard line. We receive a delay of game penalty for a loss of down. 3rd down, Sam hands off to #35, Brody who runs 5 yards. On 4th down, Raiders throw to #88, with the ball falling incomplete. Turnover on downs. Rods take the ball and handoff. #69 and #88 are in on the tackle for no gain. Again, they handoff and our defence stops them. On third down, they run the ball again for a 2 yd gain with Denver and Kyle in on the tackles. On 4th down, the Rods throw an incomplete pass! Great defence! Turnover on downs. Raiders take the ball on the 30 yd line. On 1st down, Sam hands off the ball to #88, who gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a loss! On second down, Sam completes the pass to Jett who runs for 10 yards. On the last play of the game, #18, Sam passes to Brody, but the ball falls incomplete. Great game guys!