Crunchers Teal – July 27

Opening kick by 50. Tackle by 88 and 48 at Centre. Breakthroughs, tackle by 50 near goal line. Good pressure on QB by 61. 20 knocks ball for interception, Teal takes the ball. Good blocking by 9 and hand-off to 25. Escaped the tackle to take in for TD. Great effort for the convert by 11, tackled within inches of goal line. Kick by 50, stopped fast. Good run, Brought down by 88. Pass attempt stopped by 48 and 60‎. Hand off and tackle by 20 to save the day. Teal ball. Great blocking by 42 as 11 takes the hand-off up 20 yards. Hand-off to 25, with help from 90 blocking. TD 11 with the extra nearing the half whistle. Kickoff, brought down by 61. Breakthrough‎ run stopped by 50. Pass attempt by Raiders teal.


Hand-off to 11, then 25, then 11 for TD. Good blocking by 25. 25 makes the convert. Kick by 50 and tackle by 50. Running attempts, group tackle then a big tackle by 88. Run double team by 20 and 50 for 4th down. Run stopped by 49. 1st down Raiders Black. Big run stopped at 20 yd by 48+50. 61 rushes in to thwart run. Next rush, tackle and loose ball, recovery by teal. Hand-off, run in by 90. Convert attempt by 11 within inches. Kick off, tackle by 50, raider injury #3