Raiders Pee Wee vs. Fort Garry/La Salle – August 23

It was a misty foggy day on our home field with much anticipation of rain – which, thankfully, never came!! This time, our boys were prepared for a tough challenge against a very good team – never mind, the defending Pee Wee champions!!

And so, the game begins. “The Force” was with us on Fort Garry/LaSalle’s first drive as we intercepted and started marching back to their end zone. A big run (untouched) into the end zone got us on to the scoreboard first. (Raiders 6 Lions/LaSalle 0) Great snap, hold and kick for 2. (Raiders 8 Lions/LaSalle 0) In fact, the kick went so far through the uprights the referee had to run into the trees at the end of the field to retrieve the ball – sweet kick! #88 of the Lions/LaSalle team answered right back though with a long run for a touchdown. (not untouched – but this time, unstopped) (Raiders 8 Lions/LaSalle 6) Offence got back on the field and a huge catch kept the drive alive but no score for us on that one. Great defensive pressure forced them to punt – and offence got back to work. TOUCHDOWN. (Raiders 14 Lions/LaSalle 6) Serious defense hunted them down in the end zone for a safety (Raiders 16 Lions/LaSalle 6) The ball was back to us and a 70 yard run easily found the end zone – another Raiders scores. (Raiders 22 Lions/LaSalle 6) Convert was good (Raiders 24 Lions/LaSalle 6) After some hard work by our defense a long reception by them to #88 and it got a little closer. (Raiders 24 Lions/LaSalle 12) A massive quarterback sack shut down their convert attempt and score stayed “as is”. Offence had a quick outing and then defense stepped back on to the field. The Tank blew up the ball carrier and we landed on it. Offence had a short field to conquer and a long throw was on the money for yet another touchdown. (Raiders 30 Lions/LaSalle 12) A short pass to slippery #88 and the Lions were in the end zone once again. (Raiders 30 Lions/LaSalle 18) The 1-point convert was made. (Raiders 30 Lions/LaSalle 19) A massive run up the left side caught them off guard and we were good for a score! (Raiders 36 Lions/LaSalle 19) Another snap on the money and 2 points were ours. (Raiders 38 Lions/LaSalle 19) Defense hung on, broke through for loss of yards and put huge pressure on their quarterback to turn the ball over on downs. But the next turn for the Lions/LaSalle offence and, guess who… #88 was gone up the right side for a TD. (Raiders 38 Lions/LaSalle 25) They missed their convert and the ball was back to us. A big push on short yards and touchdown Raidesr!! (Raiders 44 Lions/LaSalle 25) Snap, quick hold and the kick is GOOD! (Raiders 46 Lions/LaSalle 25) Defense was on with the challenge to stop #88 and with great team effort brought him down and stopped the drive before it started… positive end to the first half.
The Lions/LaSalle side started the second half with a quick score for a touchdown by their #33. (Raiders 46 Lions/LaSalle 31) Raiders offense constantly moved the ball but a turnover bot the defense back on the field and moved the opponents backwards into their end zone AGAIN for our second safety of the game! (Raiders 48 Lions/LaSalle 31) Then, a spring to the end zone on the very next play and it was touchdown for the Raiders! (Raiders 54 Lions/LaSalle 31) 2-point convert – YEP! (Raiders 56 Lions/LaSalle 31) A long kick to their #88 resulted in him escaping a bunch of our tackles until the ball was dropped and our offense got busy again. This time the right side opened up thanks to som super blocking and off we went for a touchdown. (Raiders “61” Lions/LaSalle 31) 2-point convert was good!! But the Lions/LaSalle did not stop – a screen pass to, yes, #88 and he was gone up the sidelines. (Raiders 64 Lions/LaSalle 37) Their 1-point convert was good. (Raiders 64 Lions/LaSalle 38) They added another long touchdown pass to the game and a sweet catch by #88 landed another score for them. (Raiders 64 Lions/LaSalle 44) Convert – good. (Raiders 64 Lions/LaSalle 45) We got the ball back and a high pass for us made for 6 points (Raiders 70 Lions/LaSalle 45) Yes, the 2-points were added again. (Raiders 72 Lions/LaSalle 45) After a short kick by us, fumble by them, recovery by a speedy Raider, a quick scamper into the end zone, and another good convert kick… we finished the game on “run time”. (Raiders “75” Lions/LaSalle 45) Well played Raiders in a challenging game!!
We got a good picture of all of the things we need to work on and some motivation by some amazing plays by our boys. The work is far from over – and we will enjoy this win – till next practice!! GO RAIDERS GO!!