Raiders Pee Wee vs. St. James Rods – August 16

The sun was shining on this rescheduled game of ours – much to the chagrin of the parents and a coach or two. But 9:00 a.m. it was and the Raiders were there and ready to play. The offence was on the attack right away. On the ground and in the air and in the end it was a run to the end zone. (Raider 6 Rods 0) Routine snap, hold and kick for 2. (Raiders 8 Rods 0) Defense got to work and battled down the field until the ball was back to us. Offence took no time at all to block and get a fancy run for another 6 points. (Raiders 14 Rods 0) Defense faced a good offensive drive by the Rods but stopped them when it counted. A long toss and fast run combined for a 50 yard touchdown play! (Raiders 20 Rods 0) A few 1st downs for the Rods, hanging on to jerseys, tackling the quarterback, speed by the line backers and their job was done – ball back to the Raiders. A huge throw under pressure earned us a 1st down, another throw and catch just past the defenders, a couple of short runs and we found the end zone. (Raiders 26 Rods 0) The 2-point convert was GOOD. (Raiders 28 Rods 0) Great speed forced a fumble on the kick off and a Raiders recovery was a sweet way to end the first half.
A strong start with the defense stalling them in the end zone for 2 points (Raiders 30 Rods 0) and the next time the Rods had the ball the defense had a huge stand on 3rd down with 1 yard to go which gave the ball back to us.
Looking back at this game – you could summarize it as great variety of offence and solid, defensive strength… pretty tough to beat when you put it together like that!! Well done boys!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!