Crunchers Black vs. La Salle Lightning – August 23

The Raiders started the game with #88 receiving the kick, and being brought down just a few yards later. With a quick handoff back to Jett and a 10 yard run our boys got a first down. A shovel pass to Jett, who ran it in for a touchdown. Unfortunately we didn’t get the convert. With Sam in for the kick, Jett ran in to tackle the Lightning receiver right after the handoff. With a Lightning fumble, and a few more tackles by our defense we receive the ball due to a turnover on downs. Our offence stepped in with a handoff to Jett whose brought down quickly. Sam threw quick pass to Jett who ran the ball for 15 yards. A handoff to Brody, with a fumble that was recovered by the Lightning who ran it in for a touchdown. Our defense stepped in to block the convert, with a tackle by 63, Christian. With Aiden, our center and Sam out quarterback leading out offense back onto the field, a handoff to Jett, a handoff to Brody, a handoff to Kyle, all only gaining a few yards before being Brought down. With a quarterback sack, we are forced to turnover the ball on downs. Our Defense stepped up with a big tackle by 63, followed with a big tackle by Kean #40, An incomplete pass by the lightning offence followed by a group tackle with Denver #69 on the bottom of the pile. Christian comes in with another tackle stopping the Lightning play, turning the ball over on downs just before halftime.

The second half starts with our boys receiving the kick, with Jett picking the ball up with an almost 15 yard run. Jett’s given the ball and runs it 10 yards for a first down. Jett gets the handoff and runs the ball 8 yards before being brought down, A quick pass and Jett runs the ball another 7 yards for another first down. An incomplete pass is recovered by Kyle, who is brought down quickly. A handoff to Kyle, is stripped away by the lightning who run it all the way in for a touchdown. Our boys work hard and keep the lightning from making the convert. The kick received, Jett makes a short run before being brought down. Another handoff to Jett who after a bit of a fumble quickly recovers the ball. The lightning break through our lines and tackle Sam before he can throw the ball. Sam shakes it off and hands the ball off to Jett who runs the ball almost 45 yards only to be run out of bounds at the 5 yards line. Another quick hand off and our boys run it for a touchdown. With a quick pass over to Brody, Brody runs the ball in for our convert. With the game nearing the end, we kick the ball, and the Lightning try to run it in, only to have our defence force them out of bounds. Another great game! Way to go Eastman Raiders Crunchers Black!