Crunchers Black vs. La Salle – September 6

The Raiders receive the kick off to start the game! Jett (#88) handles it well and runs for 5 yds. We start at the 15 yd line, with Sam (#18) handing off to Jett – who runs to the outside and all the way down the field. Touchdown Raiders! Great start to the game. Sam hands off to Jett again for the convert, who is tackled almost immediately. No convert. Sam kicks the ball – The Lightning receive and fall on the ball. They start on the 25 yd line. They handoff on 1st down and just like the Raiders, run it in for the touchdown. For their convert – they handoff the ball – fumble it and we recover! No convert. Lighting kick the ball and Jett recovers it. For 1st down, Sam hands off to Jett who runs 25 yds with great blocking. On our next play – Sam hands off to Brody (#35), who runs for a gain of 2 yds where he’s tackled. On 2nd down, we fumble the ball on the handoff, but recover it quickly. Great recovery! On 3rd down, with Sam in the shot gun, he receives a high snap that goes off his helmet. He recovers quickly again, falling on the ball. On 4th down, Sam settles in and hands the ball off to Jett, who runs to the outside and scores the touchdown. On the convert – Sam tries to pass to Brody, but the ball falls incomplete. Raiders #18 kicks a booming ball and the Lightning fumble the ball. They recover but Aidan (#3), tackles him immediately! They start on the 33yd line. The lightning hand off the ball – with three of our raiders trying to tackle the runner. Finally #88 takes him down after he gains the first down. The Lightning handoff the ball again, with #13, Kyle tackling him at the line of scrimmage! On 2nd down, they fumble the ball again, but recover quickly. On 4th down, on our 20 yd line, the lightning handoff the ball and Jett tackles him before he can get into the end zone. On the last lay of the half, our Raiders tackle the running back behind the line of scrimmage stopping them in their tracks.


Raiders kick the ball with the Lightning recovering at the 30yd line. On 1st down, the Lightning handoff the ball, with Cody (#30) tackling him after a 9yd gain. On 2nd down the Lightning player receives the handoff and runs 20 yds, weaving through our players, Jett (#88) finally takes him down. On 1st down the Lightning handoff the ball and Denver (#69) and Jett(#88)tackle him for a loss. on 2nd down, the lightning go the outside, but Jett tracks him down again, for no gain. On 3rd down, they handoff again, gaining only 5 yds with Denver and Jett in on the tackles. On 4th down, the Raiders, led by Sam (#18) pile on the lightning player, stopping him again! Turnover on downs! Great job boys! We start on our 10yd line, where Sam is sacked on 1st down, for a loss of 2yds. on 2nd down, Sam throws laterally to Jett at the sidelines, who runs in for the touchdown! Awesome Play! On the convert attempt, Sam hands off to Brody (#35), who gets the ball stripped – he lands on it, but can’t get in to complete the play. Raiders kick – Lightning run it back with Samuel tackling the player. Lightning 1st down on the 40 yd line – hand off the ball, run 7 yds – #82 (Dylan), gets to him first with Jett and Kyle helping take him down. On 2nd down – they handoff the ball – with Kristjan missing the tackle, Jett missing the tackle and they score. They complete the convert with another handoff and run in. Lightning kick – Raiders miss the ball and the Lightning recover. Turnover! The lightning hand off – Denver and Dylan first miss their tackle, then recover with the help of Jett and stop him after 15 yds. On 1st down, #40 Kean, comes up with a HUGE tackle – stopping him at the line of scrimmage. On 2nd down – they run in for the touchdown with Dylan tackling him in the end zone. Great job for not giving up! On the last play of the game – The Lightning fumble the ball on the convert attempt and we recover!