Raiders Pee Wee vs. St. James Rods – September 6

It was a bit of a chilly start to the day but the sun was out and the only ones who were really complaining were the parents. The boys were just fine and they played like it.

A screen pass and a fast run started the game on a scoring note for us. The raiders found the end zone. (Raiders 6 Rods 0) A huge tackle on the kick off stopped them in their tracks. Defense was back on the field which resulted in a huge interception and run back – ball – Raiders!! A fast run up the right side and we flew to the end zone. (Raiders 12 Rods 0) Convert was good! (Raiders 14 Rods 0) A long throw to the left – yep, another touchdown. (Raiders 20 Rods 0) The convert got a good bounce – just through the uprights for 2. (Raiders 22 Rods 0) A quarterback run in behind some great blocking and we scored again. (Raiders 28 Rods 0) Beautiful snap, hold and kick. (Raiders 30 Rods 0) Defense was stifling to hold them pointless for the rest of the first half.

The second half started off with a super reverse play and a 60 yard run for a touchdown. Convert was good once again. A great march down the field – touchdown Raiders! The snap was on the money – the kick FAR through the uprights…. Score Raiders. A super grab for a second interception of the game by the same defensive player gave the ball back to Raiders’ hands. A gritty run to save the first down and keep the drive going and then, a touchdown on short yards resulted in yet another touchdown. A fitting end? Snap…. Hold…. Kick…. 2 points Raiders.

Well done gentlemen… you stayed strong when some teams would have let up. You showed great variety in the offence and great strength on defense. It was fun to watch… and we’re looking forward to more great football!! Go Raiders Go!