Crunchers Teal vs. Greendell Falcons – September 21

Captains 9/25 and 50 joined the coin toss, with a kick-off to Raiders to start the game. Kickoff was picked up by 60 for a good run. Our quarterback 42 handed off to 50 for a TD and an early lead. Another handoff to 11 for the convert, assisted by great blocking from 9.

25 kicked off with their receiver chased out of bounds. Their pass attempt was stopped by a tackle from 25. 48 and 61 tackled for 3rd down. On the next play, pass was intercepted by 44, and it was Raiders ball again.

A pair of hand-offs to 11 and then to 50 earned another 1st down. A successful pass to 50, followed by a hand-off to 11, and it was another touchdown Raiders. Great blocking by 20 during the hand-off to 50 lead to another convert.

A kickoff by 44 and the run was stopped by 66. A great tackle by 90 lead held them back. 61, 88 and 90 held them solid with a near interception by 44, to bring it back to Raiders ball.

A pass to 50 was successful for a good run, and a first down hand off to 11 earned another Raiders touchdown. 50 ran in the handoff for another convert. A quick kickoff by 88 was received and stopped by 48 to end the first half.

61 Kicked off the second half with 25 and 88 assisting on the tackle. Another tackle by 88 and a sack by 25 setup the 4th down where 90 recovered a fumble and ran for the touchdown. 42 handed off to 11 for a successful convert.

Another kickoff was held through 4 downs to give the ball back to the Raiders. A handoff to 50 produced another touchdown but an unsuccessful convert attempt.

A kickoff from 90 was stopped near its landing. A strip by 25 was run in for another Raiders TD with an unsuccessful convert.

A kickoff from 25 was stopped by him and 48. The next play produced their opponents only TD with a close race by the Raiders with 25 near missing at the goal line. The raiders held them for an unsuccessful convert.

A great game with good efforts by the entire team and lots of skills shown including passing plays. Great job coaches and players.