Crunchers Black vs. Transcona Nationals – September 20

Crunchers Black vs Transcona Nationals…in the driving rain!

Kean kicks off the game for the Raiders, 10 yards. On Transconas first down, #88, Jett makes the tackle. On their next play, the nationals run the length of the field, scoring a touch down. On their convert attempt, Jett pushes the national player out of bounds. No convert.

The raiders receive the kickoff with Kean starting at quarterback. On first down, he hands off to Jett for a 15 yd run. On the next play, Kean (#40), hands off to #35, Brody, who is able to get 5 yds before being tackled. On 2nd down, Kean fumbles the ball with Kyle, (#13) falling on it. Great save! Kean hands off to #88, for a 5 yd run. Not enough for the first down, so raiders turn over the ball.

Transcona goes 4 and out as well and the raiders get the ball back. On first down, 88 receives the handoff and is tackled for a loss. On 2nd down, Kean is tackled, also for a loss of 3 yds. Transconas defence was on fire! On 3rd down, raiders quarterback hands off to Dylan, #82, and he runs for 7 yards. On the last play of the half, kean hands off to #99, Braysen, who runs 10 yards!

#69, Denver, kicks off the second half for the raiders. The nationals come out strong, with a touchdown. #82, Dylan, receives the kickoff. On our first offensive series, #18, Sam handsoff to Kyle. #14, who runs 10 yards. On 2nd down, Sam complete the pass to Jett who runs for 13 yards! On the next 1st down play, Sam hands off to Jett who is tackled for a loss. On 2nd down, he passes to Dylan(#82) for a 4 yd gain. Jett runs the ball on the next play for a gain of 11 yds. On 4th down, Sam hands off to Braysen, (#99) who is tackled for the loss. Turnover on downs!

To finish the game, the transcona nationals march down the field. It was hard game, in the cold and rain, but the boys played together as a team! Good job boys!

On Sunday, September 21, our cruncher team was able to represent the Raiders at the Rifles game at Investors Group field. The boys had a blast! They were able to go down onto the field for the introductions of the players and at half time, they played a mini game against the North Winnipeg Nomads. It was a beautiful day for football, and an experience unlike no other for the boys!