Pee Wee vs. Interlake Thunder – September 20

A warm day, but the clouds were threatening and sure enough, by half time, we were all getting soaked… good thing the Raiders made it a quick game and played well.

We started off the game with a high kick and defence got to work.We got a bit of an awakening when their #30 got away on us and found a path right to our end zone… BUT… a delay of game penalty brought it back. A blocked punt by us and the ball was back in our hands. A good fake hand off and we ran into the end zone. (Raiders 6 Interlake 0) A solid snap, hold and kick and we added 2 points to our side. (Raiders 8 Interlake 0) Defence didn’t take long to make their mark — a massive tackle caused a fumble and offence was back on. Super blocking to protect the quarterback and the pass was completed. Touchdown! (Raiders 14 Interlake 0) The convert was good for TWO. (Raiders 16 Interlake 0) The defence dominated. A huge tackle and “rip” and the offence went back to work. A sweet fake and strong run up the left side for 6 more points. (Raiders 22 Interlake 0) 2 for the kicker came next. (Raiders 24 Interlake 0) One of the highlights of the game certainly was the 30 yard throw and diving catch to gain some serious yards! Well done. Defence showed huge pressure when they returned to the field and off of the kick off, we cheered TB down the sidelines as he ran the ball all the way back for a touchdown….. BUT…. an illegal block on our part called it back. The good news is, offence still got the ball and moved the sticks. A 45 yard run got us a first down we really needed, and a huge touchdown catch and SCORE! (Raiders 30 Interlake 0) And yes, the snap was bang on, the hold was quick and the kick, once again, solid! 2 more for us. The story continued with a long march down the field, some short passese, a couple of hard short runs, some scrambling and 6 points were ours. Another picture perfect kick to add 2 more. The end of the story was the defence breaking through causing them to fumble the ball… and Caleeb, Dylan and more getting their turn to run with the ball and doing us proud!!

Yes… we ended this football outing completely soaked… but with a convincing win… completely worth it! GO RAIDERS GO!!