Pee Wee vs. Greendell Falcons – October 18

Once again, it was warmer than we thought it would be. The wind hadn’t picked up at all and therefore, it was calmer than most of us parents. Actually, the entire atmosphere was positive and we were all looking forward to a good game — and that’s what we saw!!

Our offence started off quickly after a short pass ended with a 60 yard run and touchdown for the Raiders!! (Raiders 6 Falcons 0) But just as quickly, they handed off to their #8 and they found our end zone too. (Raiders 6 Falcons 6) Now, it seemed both sides were ready to settle in and just play. A 20 yard throw and HUGE YAC yards – touchdown Raiders!! (Raiders 12 Falcons 6) A sweet kick went well through the uprights (Raiders 14 Falcons 6) A spinning kick off and speed by us caused a fumble and we recovered — ball to the Raiders. Although, a quick fumble by us and the defence went to work. They got the ball back for us on downs and after some hard work up the middle by our offence, we broke outside and a huge run resulted in another touchdown. (Raiders 20 Falcons 6) The kick was good for two. (Raiders 22 Falcons 6) A spiral to the left and a reach into the end zone — another score for us!! (Raiders 28 Falcons 6) The snap was on the money, a quick hold and the kick was GOOD! (Raiders 30 Falcons 6) The offence showed some great scrambling ability and the defence stood strong to finish the 1st half.

We started the 2nd half with a kick — they bobbled and we recovered — offence was quickly on the field again. A short yard pouch and run and the touchdown was ours (Raiders 36 Falcons 6) A nice long kick by us but a reverse hand-off to their #8 and away he went – touchdown Falcons (Raiders 36 Falcons 12) A slow high kick eventually got through the uprights – another 2 for them. (Raiders 26 Falcons 14) Offence got to work and on a high toss, we won the battle and ran it into the end zone. (Raiders 42 Falcons 14) Under pressure – the kick was STILL good! (Raiders 44 Falcons 14) The Falcons poured it on a little in the 3rd quarter as #8 jukes and jived his way into the end zone (Raiders 44 Falcons 20) Their convert was good. (Raiders 44 Falcons 22) Some missed tackles in our backfield and away went #8 again. (Raiders 44 Falcons 28) A high kick again – 2 for them. (Raiders 44 Falcons 30) When our defence went out again… they were determined that their scoring was going to stop and it did… a SERIOUS stop by our defence at a crucial time and the offence came back roaring with… yep… a touchdown! (Raiders 50 Falcons 30) A well oiled convert machine was in motion – and it was 2 more points for us. (Raiders 52 Falcons 30) A perfect onside kick, recovery by us, ball back to the Raiders!! Great work by the offensive linemen all game — and now, at the end, they opened up a hole to walk through — a big time 1st down!! Then, some twists and turns and into the end zone we went. (Raiders 58 Falcons 30) A fitting end to a well fought game? The convert… was… GOOD!! (Raiders 60 Falcons 30)

Well done boys! We were challenged and we felt the pressure and that is the BEST thing that could have happened. They have prepared us for what is to come. We will not always win by such a margin… we can’t expect it anymore… but if we trust our training and simply play this like any other game — as hard as we can — we will be just fine!! There is no magic to winning — just giving absolutely everything you have on every single play — that’s all. The good news is… that’s all you need… oh, and wanting it with everything in you. Respect your opponents — never fear them. Do the work on your side of the field and the score will take care of itself. ONE PLAY AT A TIME! We believe in you. Our confidence in your effort is unwavering – we have seen it all season. We are proud of you and are looking forward to cheering our hearts out on Saturday!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!
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