Sunday September 13th


Atom B GAME 5

1st Quarter

12:00  raiders kick off ball. mustangs receive and run all the way down for a touch down 6-0 Mustangs
11:42  mustangs kick for 2 point conversion 8-0 Mustangs
Mustangs kick off. Out of bounce at 55 yard line Raiders 1st down
10:36 Raiders 3 down Raiders fail to convert mustangs ball @ raiders 51
10:31  mustangs run ball all the way for a TD 14-0 Mustangs
10:03 mustangs kick for 2 pt convert 16-0 Mustangs
10:03 Raiders ball downed at their 41 yard line
9:35 raiders 3 down Raiders fumble ball. Mustangs recover start drive at raiders 45 yard line
6:32 Raiders force a third down 3 and 7 for mustangs
6:03 Raiders force 3 and out. Raiders get ball at their own 20
Time out called by Raiders
5:52 Raiders 1st down
5:14 Raiders #74 completes pass for a nice gain 3rd and short
4:25 raiders don’t convert mustangs ball at their 47
They run it in for a TD 22-0 mustangs
Mustangs make 2 or convert 24-0 mustangs
3:59 raiders receive ball 2:34 raiders fail to convert on 3 Mustangs ball
00:21 raiders force a 3 down Raiders force 3 and out by end of quarter
End of 1st quarter mustangs up 24-0

2nd quarter

12:00 raiders try a sweep. Unfortunate fumble and mustangs recover ball
11:18 mustangs holding penalty. 10 Yd penalty and a first
10:30 fumble by mustangs but they recover 2nd and 13
10:04 raiders force a 3 down 3rd and 6 Timeout mustangs
9:41 Mustangs kick on third for 2 or convert 26-0 Mustangs
9:34 raiders receive ball to their 47 yard line
9:21 mustangs injury on field. Manages to walk off Felix
8:46 3rd down Raiders Raiders make ample attempt at a first but unfortunately do not convert. Mustangs ball
at their 8:00 Mustangs bootleg a success and they run it in for a TD 30-0 Mustangs
Mustangs fail to convert on kick. 30-0 Mustangs
7:00 raiders receive at their 30 5:50 raiders 3 down and 6 Raiders do not convert.
Mustangs ball at Raider 28 yd line
4:00 raiders force a 3rd and 6
2:36 Raiders false start 5 yd penalty repeat 3rd down
2:26 Raiders sack mustangs QB. Force a 3 and out.
Raiders ball at their 34 yd line Bad snap but raiders recover ball Raiders begin at 22 yd line
Raiders 3 down

End of quarter 30-0 Mustangs


12:00 Raiders ball
10:00 raiders 3 down Raiders Fail to convert Mustangs ball at 51 yard line
9:00 Mustangs false start 5 yard penalty repeat 1st down
8:03 mustangs downed. Nice tackle by raiders
3:53 raiders 93 recovers a mustangs QB fumble raiders ball at 25 yard line
2:10 Offside on mustangs repeat 2nd and 7
1:40 raiders 1st down. convert on 3rd down 00:29 loose ball mustangs recover ball.
End of 3rd quarter 30-0 mustangs

4th quarter

12:00 mustangs ball at 23 yard line Flag on play. Holding on mustangs. 10 yard penalty. Repeat 1st down. 10:37 flag on play. False start on Raiders. 5 yard penalty 1st down repeated
9:39 mustangs maneuver through raiders for a tricky TD
Mustangs convert on kick
7:52 raiders receive ball at their 33 yard line Raiders #24 7 yard gain Mustangs pass interference 15 yard penalty 1st down
5:08 raiders 3 down. 3rd and 10 Raiders throw a pick. Mustangs run it in for a TD
3:36 mustangs kick but fail to convert.
2:16 Raiders receive ball to 55 yard line Raiders Bauer Kasdorf makes nice catch 2nd and short 00:29