Sunday September 13th

Sept. 13, 2015 Raiders vs Portage la Prairie Pitbulls Raiders kickoff #99 and caught by portage #90 who was tackled near their end zone.

3rd down #42 portage ran 10 yrs for first down at the 24 yr line

No yards gained after 4th down ball turned over to Eastman raiders

#2 ran 10 yards for first down ball on the 24 yd line

#42 ran the ball to the 3rd Yd line for the first down

#2 ran it in for an Eastman raiders touchdown

#42 ran in the extra point

#50 kicked the ball recovered by the Pitbulls

Ball turned over to Eastman raiders for first down

#42 ran it to the 17 yd line for a raiders first down

#99 ran a touchdown for the Eastman  Raiders. No convert

Half time

First kickoff #99 ran all the way for a touchdown

#2 convert Kickoff to portage tackle at their own 20 yd line

Portage player ran the ball it was fumbled And recovered by #99 Eastman Raiders.

#2 ran 35 yds for a touchdown and the extra point

Kicked off by #99 Eastman Raiders