Sunday September 27th

September 27th, 2015

Eastman Raiders vs Nomads

First drive of the game Nomads receive the kick from the Raiders and run the ball to their own 30 yrd line, they gained no yards after the 4th down and the ball was turned over to the Raiders.

Raiders QB, #4 Quinton, handed the ball off to #61 Owen, on two separate downs and gained 7 yrds total, on the 4th down the ball was fumbled and recovered by the Nomads.

Nomads player ran to the Raiders 23rd yard line for another 1st down.

2nd & 3rd down the QB was tackled by Raiders #11 Braysen.

4th & Goal had 5 yrds gained which wasn’t enough for the TD and the Raiders offence were brought back on the field.

Raiders 1st down at their own end zone it was a hand off to the receiver and Nomads defence came in for the tackle and got a safety for tackling in Raiders end zone.

Punt back to Nomads, the player ran the ball to the Raiders 35yrd line and was tackled by #50 Dylan. Nomads gained 9 yrds after 4 downs and was turned over to Raiders. The Raiders were only able to complete 6yrds after the 3rd down before half time.

During the 2nd half, Nomads made a kick to Raiders and their running back Dylan #50 ran it in the end zone for a TD. No convert

The Nomads made an easy recovery back in their first drive into the second half and scored at TD by #42. No convert.

The kick off to the Raiders was caught by #42 Brody and he was able to run it all the way down to the 7yrd line. On the 4th down another TD scored by Raiders #50 Dylan. No covert made.

Nomads received the kick off and gained 7yrds after their 3rd down and made the 15yrd run into the end zone for another TD and the convert.

As Raiders take one last shot at running the ball it was stripped by Nomads but couldn’t quite make the end zone before the game was over.