Sunday, September 11th

Eastman Raiders Crunchers vs Eastside Eagles
Our team came out ready to play fresh off of Practice With the Pros, they seemed inspired.
Raiders kicked off to the Eagles and kept them to a short return, followed by quarterback sack. They showed some great aggression, but the Eagles were able to get a long run for a touch down. The Eagles completed for another touchdown, after the Raiders turned over on downs. The Eagles scored another time, then the ball got loose. Raiders fumble and recovered by Eagles, then Eagles fumble and the Raiders got the ball back but were unable to score again in the first half.
The second half started with a Raiders fumble on the kick off return but they were able to maintain control. The Eagles regained possession on the Raiders second down off of another fumble. Raiders defence made 3 amazing tackles but the Eagles were able to get a TD on the final down of the set with a long run. The Raiders finished the day strong with a fumble recovery, and put together a strong set of downs. On the forth down they put together a nice reverse, that nearly turned into a touch down. The Eagles had one last set of downs to finish the game, but the Raiders defence were aggressive and didn’t let it turn into anything.