Sunday, September 11th

Post Notes – Sunday September 11th.

It was a battle of the defensive squads with both teams holding each other in check through much of the game. Starting with the kickoff by the Eagles which was held in Raiders territory. After holding the Raiders, the Eagles took possession. Raiders 17 managed a great push and tackle behind the line to put the Eagles far back for first down. Raiders 5 spotted the reverse for a great tackle and a turnover to the Raiders. Raiders 13 managed a good run and some field position, but 3 downs was not enough. The Eagles mis-snap on their 20 forced them to punt for field position. Raiders 63 had some big tackles to hold position and Raiders 16 recovered a fumble to give the Raiders offense another try. A pass to Raiders 67 was successful but not enough and it was Eagles ball starting the 2nd quarter. The Eagles managed a breakthrough to score the first TD of the game.

A big tackle by Raiders 5 for gave them the ball on their 35 yard line. The defensive squads took turns holding for multiple turnovers with great work by Raiders 6 and 5. A big sack by 6 put the Raiders in control at their 50 yard line and Raiders 13 run gave them a first down. Raiders 33 runs gave them the yards for another first down and a touchdown near the end of the half. The score at halftime was 7-6 for the Raiders.

The 2nd half started well with a good kick return by the Raiders but a fumble on the reverse handoff turned the ball over to the Eagles. Raiders 57&5&1 held them in place to take the ball. A successful pass to Raiders 8 gave them some good yards. Unfortunately the defensive battle continued. Late in the 4th quarter a high tackle gave the Eagles great position to score one more time and push them over the top. Final score Raiders 7, Eagles 13.