Sunday, September 18th

Raiders vs Sunrise Coyotes
Home game
Coyotes start off the game with a kick off returned by Raiders.
Raiders make a great running play for a touchdown by #44. Conversion scored by Raiders #33.
Coyotes return the ball after kickoff, Raiders #22 makes a great tackle.
Fumble by coyotes is retrieved by the Raiders. #12 & #33 make some good running plays resulting in 1st down.
2 incomplete throwing plays by the Raiders result in a turnover. Coyotes have a few running plays and are tackled by #66 & #33. Coyotes run the ball, score touchdown and the conversion is good. Raiders attempt a few incomplete throwing plays.
Second half starts with kickoff by #12 Raiders which is returned by coyotes. Great tackle by #66 & #22.
Coyotes make first down, then run the ball for a touchdown . Raiders suffer many injuries over the next few plays, and Coyotes dominate majority of the second half . Coyotes score another touchdown and conversion.
Kick by Coyotes returned by raiders for a touchdown by #44. Raiders also get the conversion. The game ends with an incomplete running play by the Coyotes.