3rd Annual BBQ, Equipment Fitting & Cookie Pick-up

Equipment fittings for all age groups will take place on Saturday, June 22nd at the Eastman Raiders clubhouse at AD Penner Park in Steinbach.

Peewee: 11am-12pm
Atom: 12-1:00pm
Crunchers: 1:00-2pm

Once each player fitting has been completed, each player and 1 parent will receive a ticket for a complimentary BBQ lunch which includes 1 hot dog, 1 bag of chips and 1 drink. Additional BBQ tickets can be purchased at the canteen for $5.00.

Members of the Eastman Raiders Board and coaches will be available for a meet and greet, and to answer any questions you might have on the upcoming season.

Please remember to bring your $500 post-dated (dated Nov 1st, 2019) equipment rental deposit cheque.

This year we’re also doing our cookie dough pick up on the same day.  Please note, that cookie dough must be picked up on this day.  We have no storage to keep the cookie for any length of time.  If you are unable to pick up the cookie dough in person, please make alternative arrangements with someone to pick them up and please let the club know that someone else will be collecting them in your place.  You can advise us at fundraising.eastmanraiders@gmail.com