Bantam Saturday 2016

Saturday, September 17th

Sat.Sep.17 9:00 a.m.
A.D. Penner Park – Raiders’ Field

Eastman Bantam Raiders 40 Transcona Nationals 22

The sky was cloudy, it was 9 degrees to start and the fog was setting in. That’s when the wait started. Yes… a miscommunication meant the referees were 45 minutes late but the game DID begin and what a game followed.

Defense got the call to start and made a huge stop to begin the game… not even a first down for the Nationals. Offence tried some long throws, but didn’t capitalize, and when Transcona got the ball back our defense put some serious pressure on the quarterback but he found a way to get the ball away and that ended in a touchdown. The extra point was good. 7-0 Nationals.

Offence started the next drive with a good throw and a run but an interception by their #91 stopped it short and defense was back on. A bit of a march down the field by their #1 and #11, and somehow their quarterback, yes, #1, got out of our grasp 3 times and off he went for a 60 yard touchdown run! 14-0 Nationals.

Defense seemed to wake up at this point and got the ball back to us. Offence connected on a long pass, a late hit on our quarterback got us another 1st down, and then a punt by us. Great pursuit on the kick and they started their drive on their own 30 yard line. Awesome defense held them and our offense got going on their 20 yard line and we connected and held on for a TOUCHDOWN. 14-8 Nationals. A massive stop by the defense, catches started coming, strong running and a catch in traffic – touchdown!! The snap was on the money, a quick hold and great kick for 2 more. 16-14 Raiders!!

There was certainly drama to start the 2nd half. Transcona Nationals’ head coach decided to run onto the field and as a result was disqualified. It took him awhile to leave but away he went… and so did our offence. Some sweet plays, a hard push and into the end zone we went. Touchdown plus 2 points. 14-14 Raiders. The defence tackled with authority and their quarterback showed his displeasure which got him a misconduct penalty and gave us some extra yards to start our drive. Didn’t quite find the end zone on but the defence stopped them again. Offence found 3 different receivers and some late hits by the Nationals and we were knocking on the door once again and this time, walked right through – TOUCHDOWN! 32-14 Raiders!

A good long kick by us but unfortunately an even longer run back by their #88 for a touchdown made it 32-22 Raiders. A HUGE stop by our Raiders’ D once again, ball back to us, back to defense, back to offence, defense broke up some passing plays by them and we found the end zone for good measure. Final score 40-22.

Well done gentlemen!! Every game you learn something and perhaps this game taught us that patience is essential if you want to win a lot! You adjusted and you stayed classy. Consistently offering the opposing team a hand to help them up — even when it was refused shows GREAT character and that’s who we are. You, as players, showed amazing composure and you deserved that win!! WELL PLAYED!! GO RAIDERS!!

Saturday, September 10th

Eastman Bantam Raiders vs Transcona Nationals
Saturday, September 10/16
9:00 a.m.
Raiders’ Field
38 – Eastman Raiders 59 – Transcona Nationals

It was a little cool but the sun was shining and there were a bunch of young men ready to play football. We knew these would be our toughest opponents to date; so we were ready to go.

Well, having said that – it took a little while to warm up and a slow start for us resulted in a touchdown and convert for the Nationals. 0-8. Defence came back with a stop. Next series for Transcona saw their quarterback, #1, keep the ball and he was gone. 0-16. Offence took to the field at our own 30 yard line and after a pass or two and a hard run up each side – touchdown Raiders!! Kick was good. 8-16. Defence came back on with a mission in mind. A huge take down to start the series, stopped #1 on both sides of the field and got the ball back to us!! A good drive followed with some timely blocks got us into good enough field position for a field goal attempt but the ball hit the upright and the bounce did NOT go our way. Defence stepped up again and we had them on the ropes, but that #1 ran left, then right, and then broke away for a huge run to our end zone. 8-22. They missed the extra points. Offence made their next turn count with a super drive – 3 different passes, 3 different ball carriers – done!! Touchdown Raiders!! 14-22. When Transcona got the ball again, #11 took the hand off and found some room. His big long run resulted in a touchdown. 14-28. We blocked the kick for extra points!! Yes!! Unfortunately, the 1st half came to a close with one more good drive by the Nationals’ offence and #1 pushed it in for a touchdown. 14-34 plus 2 = 14-36. But the Raiders were not done yet – they put some pressure on our quarterback but no problem – a pass and touchdown!! 20-36 and the kick was good! 22-36 going into half time.

Offence started off the 2nd half in a BIG way!! Touchdown!! 28-36 again, plus 2 = 30-36. Defense came up with some great stops on short yards but they squeaked in. 30-44. Offence was back on the field and marched right to the end zone!! 36-44 + 2 = 38-44. Once again, defence did their job and got the offence back on the field but an untimely offside call and Transcona found THEIR way to our end zone. 38-50 + 2 = 38-52. Following that, our offence marched well but didn’t quite cross the line, defense got back to work and made a HUGE stop! Offence followed with some sweet passes. Near the end, our defense came up with a big tackle and we stopped them but a bit of a miscue on the punt and one big throw from #1 resulted in one last touchdown for the Nationals. Final score 38-58 for Transcona.

It’s early boys! We learned a lot today! Our guests will be back this Saturday and we will do all we can to be ready to take them on!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!!