First Game of the Season: Atom Raiders Black vs. St.James Rods, August 11

In the first quarter, the Raiders #22 Logan Kraus kicked off with no return by the Rods. 2nd down #86 for Rods attempts throw as #22 Logan Kraus blocks the throw. 3rd down Rods turnover on downs making it Raiders ball. 1st down #60 Teddy Neufled carries the ball on a good run for a 1st down. The offence rushes for yards with #21 Cole Rickey, a catch by #50 Payton Esau from # 9 Sawyer Thiessen. This leads to a touchdown by #9 Sawyer Thiessen, with the extra point  carried across the line by #21 Cole Rickey. With 8:05 on the clock the Raiders Kick a short one, the Rods fumble the ball and Raiders recover it on the 50 yard line. The offence rush the ball as #60 Teddy Neufeld crosses the end zone, with flags on the play the raiders reset with a 2nd and 15. A few short carries and a QB sneak brings a huge 40 yard touchdown by # 9 Sawyer Thieesen, and the extra point is good with a throw from #9 Sawyer Thieesen to # 50 Payton Esau. Raiders kick with Rods # 26 picking up the ball, huge tackle by raiders # 16 Anthony Flaming at the 45. The defense only allow a few yards and no 1st downs as Raiders receive the ball turnover on downs. With 3:52 on the clock its the Raiders ball on the 50. 1st down carry by # 60 Teddy Neufeld adds another touchdown and six more points on the scoreboard, and the extra point is good on a carry, Raiders kick once again. #16 Anthony Fleming recovers the ball and the offence is brought on the field. Ball is on the 45, #9 Sawyer Thiessen carries the ball for a 50 yard run into the end zone for a touchdown. Extra point attempt is no good as the carry is stopped by the rods Raiders kick, once again raiders recover the ball as the rods struggle with their defence. A few short gains by the Raiders offence as this ends the quarter

In the second quarter the Raiders control the ball for a 3 minutes on the clock and handoff to # 21 Cole Rickey touchdown Raiders with the extra point carry for #60 Teddy Neufeld. Raiders Kick a short one. Huge tackle by #93 Cameron Toews-Brindle and #63 Dylan Fleming on third down turns ball back to raiders offence. 1st down #24 Aidan Avanthay carries the ball for 55 yards Touchdown! Extra point carry by # 38 Mason Esau, and the clock is ticking with no stopping this Raiders Offence! Raiders kick, and Rods attempt 3 downs and can not move the ball. Raiders defense push back the offence for loss of yards. At 1:25 Raiders ball on turnover of downs #38 Mason Esau carries for another touchdown Raiders, and the extra point is thrown with # 9 Sawyer Thiessen catching #50 Payton Esau’s throw

After halftime, the Rods kick the ball to start the second half, and Raiders control the field for six minutes on the clock. Touchdown for # 38 Mason Esau from a perfect throw from # 50 Payton Esau. A nice run into the end zone for the extra point by # 4 Bryson Friesen. The raiders kick with a short possession by the Rods and turn it over on downs to the Raiders. With 2:12 on the clock left in the third quarter, and the ball on the 45 yard line, Raiders make a couple quick first downs. With :22 seconds on the clock, Raiders run a reverse and #38 Mason Esau  runs into the end zone for another Raiders touchdown. The extra point kick attempt is no good. This ends the 3rd quarter.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Raiders kick. #84 of the Rods picks up the ball, and is crushed by #4 Bryson Friesen and recovers the ball. Raiders use 2 downs with short gains and losses, third down creates a fumble and Rods end up with the ball. At 9:28 left in the game the Rods do not have enough players to complete the game and forfeit. Final Score 30-0