Game 10: Crunchers Black vs. Eagles Blue, October 13

It was a crisp, cool morning as we walked to the field seeing our breath. However, the boys were ready to play. Gavin N. had 2 great tackles with the help of Joshua, but struggled to keep the Eagles from scoring their first touchdown. However, the defence made up of Kyle, Boston,Wilson, Gavin Haywood, Eric and Gavin N. worked hard to stuff them – keeping the eagles from scoring a conversion. The Eagles’ defence came on strong but Eric found a hole and ran for a first down on a fourth down conversion. 2 hard fought runs by Noah and another by Eric earned the Raiders there first 1st down.Then Noah broke through the Eagles tough defence and ran into the end zone. Eric found some rockets in his shoes and sped in for the conversion. The Eagles answered back with a long run that scored a touchdown, but once again, they were unable to score a conversion. The Raiders, on the other hand cheered Austin into the end zone giving us our second touchdown of the game before halftime. The Raiders O line powered by Devon,Tyler and Zach helped QB Joshua hand the ball off to Austin and Noah numerous times. The offence marched down the field, eating up the clock and scoring another touchdown and convert. Special teams consisting of Austin, Joshua, Noah, Gavin N. , Devon and Boston managed to reclaim the ball as Devon jumped it after a great hoof. That brought our offence back onto the field, but the strong Eagles defence stopped us from scoring. A big downfield tackle by Boston, a D line stuff and a powerful tackle by Devon kept the Eagles from getting their much needed first down. The game ended with the offence on the field. Well played game, Crunchers!