Pee Wee vs. Eastside Eagles – October 25

It was a windier day than some of us expected, but we were well dressed, well prepared and ready to go. That’s the parents — the boys were COMPLETELY prepared and weren’t worried about the wind at all — they were ready to play!! And here’s how it went.

Their #5 kicked the ball to start the game and we were off. A long throw and super catch by Peyton resulted in a big gain. When the defence got on to the field for the first time — you could tell they were ready. We started the game with an awesome stop, caused a fumble and the ball was already back to us! Unfortunately we returned the favor and they got the ball back close to our end zone. After many tries, they finally found the end zone and scored. (Raiders 0 Eagles 6) A blocked kick by Paxton and we shut down the extra points! An awesome run back by TB granted super field position to our offence. A sweet toss and run from Sawyer to Teg and it was TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (Raiders 6 Eagles 6) A routine snap, hold and kick — and 2 more were ours. (Raiders 8 Eagles 6) A big stop by our defence and after a punt by them a huge run by TB and the offence was back on the field. A push by us secured the 1st down and then, a big throw up the left side, Sawyer to Peyton, and it was another touchdown for the Raiders! (Raiders 14 Eagles 6) A sweet spiralling snap, quick hands on the hold and a solid kick through the uprights and we added 2 points. (Raiders 16 Eagles 6). Defence went back to work and was huge. A big stop near our end zone and offence was back to work. The Eagles got the ball back but a fumble and recovery by us gave us another chance!! We couldn’t quite capitalize on that one and when they got the ball back their quarterback found his way around and finally into the end zone. (Raiders 16 Eagles 12) Their attempt for a single point convert was unsuccessful as we stopped them in their tracks.

The second half began and the defense held strong. Great coverage and an incomplete pass by the Eagles and ball was back to the Raiders. Offence took their turn and then, defence was called upon again. #5 got away this time and found the end zone to help the Eagles pull ahead. (Raiders 16 Eagles 18)Their convert was NOT good and offence got back to work. When defence’s turn came up again they were a wall and the Eagles got nowhere. Offence took their turn on the field and then, when defence came back they stood strong but eventually big #4 found the end zone. (Raiders 16 Eagles 24) #5 took a quick run in for the 1 point convert. (Raiders 16 Eagles 25) The defence held them for a few more series but in the end they punched one more in. (Raiders 16 Eagles 31) And the 1 point convert was good. (Raiders 16 Eagles 32)

So… that’s it… for the season that is. That’s it for the games we will play in 2014. But that’s NOT it for the memories that have been made, the great friends that have been made, and the lessons learned along the way. That’s NOT it for the benefits that dry-land training had on our boys, the commitment that’s been instilled in each one of them and the “family” that we have all become. I know that losing is not fun… and I know that our goal was to win… but we gave it our all. If we hadn’t given it our all — we wouldn’t really be all that disappointed. But BECAUSE we gave it our all — we are also not devastated. We do not have to wonder “What if…”. We are proud of our boys — on both sides of the ball. On this day, a win was not meant to be — but a season like we had, WAS meant to be, and we did it together!! It’s part of our journey in life and it has made us all better than we were before.

Thank you to our faithful and committed coaches for taking our boys to another level. Thank you for your commitment not only on the field but off the field as well. Thank you for all of the preparation and knowledge you shared with our boys to help them be the best that they can be. Our boys look up to

each one of you and you have led them so well.

Boys… from us, parents to you. Thank you for entertaining us. Thank you for amazing us with your courage, your abilities, your improvement, your commitment and your perseverance. You all stayed out in the rain at practice when we could run to our cars. You played in the cold while we were wrapped in winter parkas and blankets. And you respectfully played your game with good attitudes and a team spirit. In life, we win together and we lose together — and this season we learned a little more about that. Hold your heads high and I sure hope this just might motivate you to come back and see what you can do — next season!!

And so… till 2015… GO RAIDERS GO!!!