Saturday, August 20th

Raiders kicked off. . . Caught by Rods…returned 5 yards but stopped by defense. On the turn over after giving up 10 yards and a first down the Raiders drove back on the 3 down to our 48 yard line. We lost some yards due to a penalty and fought to bring it back to center.
The Raiders got a break with a turn over followed by a first down then the Rods defense pushed back hard but the Raiders pushed them back for only a 5 yards loss. Our offense was working hard, but the Rod defense got through and made the tackle but we held the ball. Even with a completed pass by the Rods, the Raiders didn’t let them get far and pushed them back to the 35.  We had a fumble on 3rd down, but covered it up preventing a possible denfesive touch down. On the third down with 29 seconds left in the half, the Raiders defense intercepted a pass from the Rods.
Even with that, at the half it was a scoreless game.

Top of the second half Rods made a run but 22 took him out. Bottom of the third and Raiders offense have found their legs.
Top of the fourth had some penalties, but the Raiders offence still drove forward. The Rods made a lateral pass incomplete and the Raiders were there. Even though it couldn’t be a Raiders ball, we covered and then on the next play sacked the ball handler an extra 5 yards behind the original first down. Bottom of the fourth defense stops a pass that could have ended badly for the Raiders.
The game finished with a nil-nil score. Way to play hard Raiders.